Research funding

There are funds to help cover the direct costs of your PhD research and Graduate Teaching Assistant positions to help with living expenses.

Postgraduate Research Student Support (PReSS) accounts

All University of Auckland doctoral students receive an annual stipend which is paid into a PReSS account. Funding is credited on an annual basis for up to four years full-time (or pro-rata for part-time). The stipend is intended to help cover direct research costs.

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Graduate Teaching Assistant/Fixed Term Tutor expression of interest

Postgraduate students may apply for Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) positions that enable them to work as tutors while undertaking doctoral research. GTAs provide teaching and marking support in undergraduate courses. This is an opportunity to gain valuable professional teaching experience. Graduate Advisers can provide more information on the tutoring role and application details.

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Faculty of Arts Doctoral Research Fund

In addition to the funds paid into your PReSS account, you may apply for funding from the Faculty of Arts Doctoral Research Fund. This provides grants to support research costs in addition to those allocated by the University. Applications are considered on a contestable basis taking into account merit and research needs. The standard maximum grant is $5,000.

Find out more about the Doctoral Research Fund.

Residence in New Zealand during research

Please note that due to a government condition concerning domestic fees, International and New Zealand Permanent residents must reside in New Zealand for the duration of their doctoral programme. However, students may undertake research activities overseas during their doctoral programme for a cumulative total of no more than 12 months.