Study Abroad in Korean


To be eligible you must be enrolled in the Korean language program at the University of Auckland.

Preference will be given to those majoring in Korean or those planning to continue studying Korean.

  • To be eligible for KOREAN 277/278, you must have a minimum B grade in KOREAN 111.
  • To be eligible for KOREAN 377/378, you must have a minimum B grade in KOREAN 201.

Recommended language and culture courses in Korea

These courses/programmes only take place in Summer School.

  • Language Study Abroad - Korean

The programme information is in ViaTRM.


  1. You are required to sit an assessment on your return to gain 30 points for both 277, 278 or 377, 378.
  2. Please make sure that you upload the following documents from the overseas institute on your CANVAS course:
    • Official notification of overall result of the course
    • Proof of attendance
    • All marked assignments and tests
    • Materials used (This may be hardcopies, which you need to bring back)
      Note: The first two items may be sent to the course coordinator directly from the institution.
  3. You will be advised on the details of the assessment by your course coordinator.
  4. If you have any questions on the assessment, please contact your course coordinator.

Eligibility to undertake two study abroad courses

Once approved you must enrol in both 277, 278 or 377, 378 in the appropriate semester in Student Services Online.

Immediately on return

Sit the pre-scheduled assessment test in Auckland and submit any other documentation from the overseas institute which cannot be uploaded on the CANVAS course to the course coordinator. Failure to do so will result in not receiving a grade for this course.