Student exchange and study abroad

You can complete part of your degree while studying in another country.

Student exchanges

The University of Auckland has exchange arrangements with over 130 universities all over the world.

Through 360 International you can complete one or two semesters at a partner university which can be credited towards your degree, and:

  • Gain international experience
  • Immerse yourself in another place and culture
  • Develop personal and professional networks

Find out more about our exchange partners through Exchange Partner University fact sheets and the programmes offered in Via TRM.

Take a look at the approved courses you can take in the Book of Course Equivalencies.

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Study abroad

Through study abroad you can complete language courses in a country that speaks the language that you are studying. These are intensive short courses, often taken in summer, which can be credited towards your degree.

You can find pre-approved overseas courses by searching 'language study abroad' in Via TRM.

What is study abroad like?

Find out what previous students thought about their study abroad experiences by reading their study abroad languages testimonials.

How to enrol in a study abroad course

  1. Browse the pre-approved courses available in Via TRM
  2. Apply for your course in Via TRM
  3. Contact a study abroad adviser to discuss your plans
  4. Once your application has been accepted, you can enrol in the appropriate study abroad course at the University of Auckland in Student Services Online. Your study abroad adviser will let you know the correct course to enrol in for your level.
  5. Enrol with your overseas institution

Study abroad fees

You will need to pay any fees directly to the overseas institution that you are attending for the course that you enrol in there. Fees will be automatically waived for the study abroad course that you enrol in at the University of Auckland.


University of Auckland Study Abroad Scholarships

Travelling overseas

Take a look at our guidelines for students travelling overseas

Find out more about study abroad in your chosen language