Planning your programme

Get familiar with the requirements for your programme.

Planning basics

In order to graduate, you must conform to the regulations set out in the University Calendar. These regulations are provided in the degree and subject information pages in the Faculty of Arts' guide for undergraduate students, Plan Your Degree.

If you are in the BA or a conjoint programme, there are two sets of regulations you need to know:

  • the overall requirements for your degree or conjoint programme
  • the requirements for your particular major/s and minor.

The requirements for your programme

Follow these links for information on the requirements for your undergraduate programme and how to plan your study.

Help and advice

The Arts Students Centre

Staff at the Arts Students’ Centre will help you plan your study, and will advise you about what you still need to do to complete your programme.

Visit the Arts Students' Centre.

Undergraduate advisers

Undergraduate advisers can give you specific advice about subjects.

Find an academic adviser.

You can also find out more about the regulations and guidelines from the Faculty of Arts' guide for undergraduate students: Plan Your Degree.

Programme concessions

A programme concession is an approved exception to a programme requirement. These are only available in special circumstances and must be approved by both the relevant school and the Associate Dean (Students).

The concession will be noted on your university record and will be taken into account during graduation requirements checking. It is not the same as an enrolment concession and does not affect your enrolment.

To apply for a programme concession please visit the Arts Students’ Centre.