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About our students

Our interns are select, high-achieving Stage III students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts degree. They can bring a valuable variety of transferable, cross-disciplinary skills to meet your organisation’s needs, such as data analysis, communication and social media research, critical thinking and report writing, translation, archival documentation, and fresh perspectives to inform new solutions. The Faculty of Arts will carefully match an intern, or a small group of interns if you have a large project, to you and your organisation. You will have the opportunity to review the student’s CV to assess their background, interests, and suitability.

Key benefits

Arts students can contribute value to your organisation. Interns are a useful resource for special projects that complement in-house or external work. They also provide an opportunity for you to network with future graduates. Please be aware that our internship course is part of a Bachelor of Arts degree, and because students receive academic credit they will not be paid, instead receiving credit for an academic course.


With assistance from the internship course academic supervisor, you will work with the student to develop a negotiated work and learning plan to be carried out over 10 weeks of the semester, approximately 6 hours per week. Semester One runs from March - June, and Semester Two runs from July - November. The research project outlined in the plan may involve an aspect of reviewing and updating of your organisation’s strategic goals, a project concerning your core purposes of business, or a new undertaking that could move forward with an intern’s focused attention. The plan will help clarify responsibilities and expected commitments, and ensure an outcome of value to you and the intern.

Organisation responsibilities

As a host organisation we would ask you to provide your intern with an induction addressing company values, health and safety, and administration and office protocols, including dress standard. Your intern will likely need a workspace and regular meetings with a workplace mentor. The academic supervisor will be responsible for assessment, and will meet with the workplace mentor once or twice over the course of the internship to discuss progress.

Support for you and your intern

Our student interns will have undertaken professional preparation via workshops hosted by the University of Auckland Career Development and Employment Services. However, you will need to conduct a health and safety induction for your intern. The Internship Adviser will provide ongoing support for you and your intern, amd be on hand to answer questions, offer guidance and provide trouble-shooting. The Internship Adviser will also assure quality via a follow-up satisfaction survey.

Got questions?


Dr Anne Pelzel
Internship Adviser
+ 64 9 923 8741