Targeted Admission Scheme enrolment

Enrolment requirements

If you have been offered a place in the Targeted Admission Scheme (TAS) and have been sent a letter there are a few things you must do before you can be enrolled.

TAS enrolment fono

You must attend a compulsory Faculty of Arts TAS enrolment fono in order to complete enrolment. You will be advised of the date. If you do not attend we cannot enrol you.

DELNA Screening

As part of the fono you will sit a two-hour DELNA (Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment) screening. This helps to determine which courses you should take in your first semester and identify any necessary language support courses as a required component of your enrolment.

Choose your courses

Once you have attended the enrolment fono and completed your DELNA screening you should take a look at the courses you wish to enrol into in your first semester. These will have to fit around any courses prescribed for you as a result of your DELNA screening.

For information about Arts courses:

TAS Handbook

TAS Handbook

For students who have been admitted under the Targeted or Conditional Admission Schemes.

Targeted and Conditional Admission Student Handbook ebook