First time enrolment in language courses

If you are enrolling in a language course for the first time we need to ensure that you are placed at the most appropriate level.

Enrolling in an introductory course

You can enrol directly in introductory language courses on Student Services Online.

By enrolling in an introductory language course you are declaring that you have either:

  • No knowledge or prior study of the taught language
  • Minimum knowledge of the taught language

Further assessment of language abilities may be required, and the University may cancel or change enrolment for introductory language courses anytime if you have misrepresented your language ability.

Spaces in language courses are limited, so early enrolment is recommended.

Enrolling in a more advanced course

If you have prior knowledge or previous study in a language you can enrol in a more advanced course by submitting an enrolment concession request via Student Services Online

You will need to give us detailed information of your language knowledge/study so that you can be guided to an appropriate course or be provided with a link to an online test.