How to enrol once you have been admitted to a programme in the Faculty of Arts.

New and returning students

New students
You can enrol when you have completed admission procedures and accepted your offer of place.

Returning students
You can enrol from the first Monday of November for the following year.

Enrol early for a better chance of getting a place in the courses and times you want. 

Find out more about when to enrol.

How to enrol

You enrol yourself online using Student Services Online. You can enrol from any computer with internet access.

For each course you want to take, enrol in the individual classes you will be attending. As well as lectures, you must enrol in any related classes, such as tutorials or laboratories.

Many lectures and tutorials have class streams at different times, so you can choose a time that suits you.

Visit Student Services Online.

How many courses to enrol in

To complete your BA in three years you need to pass 120 points (eight 15-point courses) each year. These are usually taken as 60 points (four 15-point courses) in Semester One and 60 points (four 15-point courses) in Semester Two.

170 points over an academic year is the maximum enrolment permitted. Within this limit, you may take up to 80 points in each of Semester One or Two and up to 30 points in Summer School.

Part-time enrolment
You are part-time if you are enrolled in less than 50 points each semester, or less than 25 points in Summer School.

First time enrolment in language courses

You must enrol in the appropriate course for your level of competency. There are special processes you must follow if you are enrolling in a language for the first time.

Find out more information about first time enrolment in language courses.

Timetables and course availability

To find out timetables and course availability use the Class Search on Student Services Online.

Check timetables just before you enrol, as they may change.

Targeted Admission Scheme (TAS) enrolment

If you have been offered a place in the Targeted Admission Scheme (TAS) and have been sent a letter there are a few things you need to do before you can be enrolled.

Find out more about TAS enrolment.


A concession is permission to have a requirement waived. Your request for a concession will be considered and may or may not be approved. There are two types of concessions:

  • Permission to have a requirement for your programme waived.
  • Permission to have a course enrolment requirement waived.

Programme concessions
See the information below about enrolment forms.

Course concessions
Student Services Online lets you apply for concessions online as part of the enrolment process. You should only apply for a concession as a last resort, after you have considered other options. Inappropriate concession requests will not be approved, and so can cause problems and delays with your enrolment. You should avoid applying for a concession if:  

  • You are a first-year student with a timetable clash (we expect you to enrol in another course, semester or stream).
  • You have a timetable clash with a General Education course (we expect you to choose another General Education course).
  • You can avoid a timetable clash by taking the course in another stream or semester (especially if it is not a core course).

Concession requests must be submitted by the end of the first week of semester.

Enrolment forms

You can apply for a programme concession by using an AR-35 Programme Concession Request Form.

For all other forms go to the University website.


Wait lists

Some courses do not allow you to enrol automatically because you need to go through a selection process.

Go through the usual online enrolment process. Your enrolment status will show as “waiting”. All students on the wait list will be periodically assessed, and if are selected your status will automatically change to “enrolled.”

If you are declined you will be contacted. Make sure that your contact details are current on Student Services Online.

Changing your enrolment

You can change your enrolment within deadline dates. See the information about changing your enrolment.