Support and resources

The Faculty and the University offer a number of facilities, resources and financial support designed to help you get the most out of postgraduate study.

Financial support

Postgraduate students

Faculty of Arts Graduate student stipend (expires 31 December of the current year) 

  • Currently enrolled students in a postgraduate programme in Arts will receive up to $150 per annum as a print and photocopy credit, based on the number of points in Arts courses in which you are enrolled.* The stipend for students undertaking the Screen Production course will not be by way of a printing credit, but as a credit towards additional equipment costs incurred within this programme.
  • Credit of up to $75 will be applied to your copy and print funds in Semesters 1 and 2 in the third week of Semester 1 and 2, respectively. You are not required to apply for this credit.

*This credit is not available to students in non-Arts administered subjects, i.e. Economics, Education, Geography, Music, and Psychology.

Doctoral students

Faculty of Arts Doctoral student stipend (expires 31 December of the current year)

  • Print and photocopy credit
    Currently enrolled PhD students in Arts will receive $150 per annum as a print and photocopy credit, based on enrolment status (pro-rata for Part-time students). Credit will be applied in early January. You are not required to apply for this credit.
  • Additional $350 stipend for Doctoral students*
    This additional stipend, up to a maximum of $350 per annum will be credited by way of a reimbursement on ACTUAL spend to your Press account, at the end of the calendar year. Note that the stipend is based on Actual expenditure. If there is no expenditure in your PRESS Account during the year, no credit will be applied. The stipend applies to transactions incurred during the calendar year, and no amount will be carried over into future years. Please refer to the PReSS Account guidelines as to the type of expenditures that you are able to claim. Please note that Books ARE NOT allowed to be claimed from this stipend.

*The maximum amount of $350 is for a full year of full-time doctoral study. If you are a part-time doctoral student or begin or end your study partway through the academic year this amount will be pro-rated accordingly.

For any copy and print funds and credit enquiries please contact

Faculty of Arts Doctoral Research Fund

  • In addition to the funds paid into your PReSS account, you may apply for funding from the Faculty of Arts Doctoral Research Fund. This provides grants to support research costs in addition to those allocated by the University. Applications are considered on a contestable basis taking into account merit and research needs. The standard maximum grant is $5,000.

Find out more about the Doctoral Research Fund

Postgraduate Research Student Support (PReSS) accounts

  • All University of Auckland doctoral students receive an annual stipend which is paid into a PReSS account. Funding is credited on an annual basis for up to four years full-time (or pro-rata for part-time). The stipend is intended to help cover direct research costs.

If you have any questions about PReSS accounts, contact

Find out more about PReSS accounts

How to

Claim reimbursement from PReSS accounts

  1. Fill out your expense details on SharePoint.
  2. Upload your supervisor’s approval and the tax invoice (preferrably in PDF format) that corresponds with this claim.
  3. Fill out the correct coding (select from dropdown list). Your press account number is your UPI.
  4. Submit your claim for review and approval.

Make a travel booking

From Monday 22 May 2017, you will be able to book any travel departing from 1 July 2017 through Orbit World Travel.

There will be a transition period between 22 May and 1 July where travel departing before 1 July is booked via APX, and travel departing after 1 July is booked through Orbit.

You can find out more about the transition period under how do I book staff travel?

For all travel bookings departing from 1 July:

  1. Go to the Travel Platform portal.
  2. Click on 'e-traveller' on the left menu to check your profile details are correct, including your primary business unit/department (do this before you arrange your first travel booking).
  3. Click on 'eRequest' > 'new request', then fill in the template to request your booking. This request is sent to Orbit who will then provide you with travel options.
  4. For detailed instructions on how to request a booking, read the user guides (accessed via 'policy info' > 'user guides' on the menu to the left).
  5. Once you get final confirmation from Orbit, submit that to STC.
    • Service: Shared Transaction Centre (STC)
    • Topic: Request to purchase
    • Sub-topic: Travel
    • Sub-topic: Travel Request
  6. Press continue.
  7. Enter these details:
    • Booking number (found in the booking confirmation)
    • Cost centre to be charged: 9442 for PreSS account
    • Project code: Enter your UPI
    • Account code: 312771 for an international conference, 312772 for a domestic conference, 312773 for an international field trip, and 312774 for a domestic field trip
    • Department/Faculty: Arts
    • Is the delegated approver also the approver?: Write no
    • Physical address: Your address
    • Details section: Request STC to process your travel booking
  8. Attach the confirmed itinerary provided by Orbit, and any other supporting emails or documents. If you are booking this travel from your PReSS account, then also attach your supervisor's approval.
  9. Press submit.

Graduate Teaching Assistant expression of interest

Postgraduate students may apply for Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) positions that enable them to work as tutors. GTAs provide teaching and marking support in undergraduate courses. This is an opportunity to gain valuable professional teaching experience.

Apply online

Arts Graduate Study Centre

This dedicated facility is available to all Faculty of Arts postgraduate students and provides study space, discussion rooms and computers.

Find out more about the Arts Graduate Study Centre

The Library

The University of Auckland Library is the largest university library system in New Zealand, and ranks alongside the top five university libraries in Australia. Arts subject librarians can assist with in-depth information enquiries, recommend the best resources for your research needs and advise on information retrieval and management.

Find out more about the University Library

Academic resources

Computer facilities

The Faculty of Arts provides both general and specialised computer laboratories. All general facilities offer word processing, spreadsheet and data analysis applications, as well as access to University of Auckland web pages, the Library catalogue and email. Find out more about the Arts Labs.

The Kate Edger Information Commons provides multi-purpose computers, printers, photocopies and scanners. The Information Commons is a Library service.

Visit the Information Commons

The School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies provides information and administrative services to all prospective and current postgraduate students. Our Postgraduate Advisers can help you with masters, doctoral, examination and thesis submission enquiries. Find out more about the School of Graduate Studies.

School of Graduate Studies
Graduate Centre
East Wing, The ClockTower, 22 Princes Street
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 86899
Fax: +64 9 373 7610
Open 8.30am-5pm

Student Learning

Student Learning can help you develop effective academic learning and performance skills, with programmes catered to postgraduates and PhD candidates.

Visit Student Learning

Student living

We have residences that meet the needs of postgraduate students.

Career planning
Postgraduate research students can access the University's central postgraduate careers service for specialised career planning resources.

The University has early childhood centres for the children of students and staff, as well as child-friendly study and library spaces.

Personal support
Find out about support available for your learning, your health or to meet your personal or community needs.