Other research projects

Your research may consist of a research essay or project, or directed study.

About research essays/projects and directed study

The kind of project you do and the kind of work you submit will depend on your subject. You may undertake your research individually or in some cases alongside other students.

You may be asked to prepare a small research proposal or select from a set of specified projects, and pursue and report on your research. Reporting on the research may take the form of one or two essays, or may include the design of a research project, a literature review, or a report on the results of carrying out some piece of research.

Academic expectations

Expectations for research projects are the same as for dissertations.

Your disciplinary area will specify the kind of work involved and the expected length – this will depend on the points value of your project.


The various kinds of research projects have their own alphanumeric course codes as other courses do. You may be able to enrol in and complete the project over either a single semester or a full year.


Please see the Calendar for information on submission dates.


If your research project is worth 30 points or more and you are experiencing exceptional circumstances beyond your control, you may be approved an extension of time of up to two months.

The provisions for extensions are the same as those for dissertations.