Information for new PhD students

Username and password

All students are issued with a username, which is the first letter of your first name, followed by the first three letters of your family name, followed by three digits.

You can find your username and password in your Acceptance of Application email. If you do not have these details, you should contact the Staff Service Centre.

ID cards

Every student and staff member is issued with an ID card.

You can use your ID card for:

  • Withdrawing books from the library
  • Photocopying and printing
  • Student discounts at the University Book Shop and all sorts of other places

Key and access card

To access your work space, you will probably need a key and access card.

Request a key and access card


Our library is awesome! You can search the catalogue at library.auckland.ac.nz

We have dedicated subject librarians that can help you to find the materials that you need.

If the library does not have what you are looking for, you can request material from other libraries all over the world using Interlibrary Loan.

IT support

If you're having any trouble with IT, you should contact the Staff Service Centre.

Photocopying and printing

Each PhD student is granted printing and photocopying credits which are debited each time copies are made. The amount of credit you receive depends on whether you are enrolled full-time, part-time, or for a partial year.

You can use your ID card for photocopying and printing, or log in with your username and password.

You can find out more about your printing and photocopying credits under support and resources.

Financial support

We provide financial support to every doctoral student through a stipend, a PReSS account and the Doctoral Research Fund. You can also apply to work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

You can find out more about stipends, PReSS accounts and working as a GTA under support and resources.

You can apply for funding of up to $5,000 for expenses related to thesis research over and above those supported by your PReSS account through the Doctoral Research Fund.

Scholarships and awards

If you are a doctoral student in the Faculty of Arts you can apply for the Faculty of Arts Doctoral Scholarships

There are also a whole range of other scholarships that can fund your study. You can search for scholarships and awards or talk to your supervisor about what might be available.

University Directory profile

Every currently-enrolled doctoral student has a profile in the University Directory.

Log in to directory.auckland.ac.nz with your username and password and click 'Edit your profile' to populate your profile.