Enrolling in postgraduate courses

How to enrol

Make sure you have followed application processes. See information about how to apply. You should consult the Graduate Adviser for your subject before applying. See key contacts for the relevant disciplinary area and school, accessed from subject websites.

You enrol yourself using Student Services Online. You can enrol from any computer with internet access. For each course you want to take, enrol in the individual classes you will be attending.

Visit Student Services Online to enrol into courses.

More information on enrolment

Enrolment concessions

A concession is permission to have a requirement waived. Your request for a concession will be considered and may or may not be approved.

Student Services Online lets you apply for concessions online as part of the enrolment process. You should only apply for a concession as a last resort, after you have considered other options. Inappropriate concession requests will not be approved, and so can cause problems and delays with your enrolment. You apply for a concession for the following reasons:

  • Request to enrol into a course which is not listed in your programme’s schedule
  • Request to enrol into a masters thesis or research portfolio. Please ensure you have secured a topic and supervision before submitting a concession request.
  • Request to enrol into an individually assessed course (e.g. special topic or directed study)

Concession requests must be submitted by the end of the first week of semester.

More information on enrolment concessions

If you want to change your enrolment

You can change your enrolment within deadline dates.

When adding or deleting full-year courses (A and B) courses, you must add or delete both the A and B components.

More information on changing your enrolment

Late enrolments or returning from a suspension of your programme

If you are enrolling late, i.e. after an enrolment deadline, or returning from a suspension of your programme, please contact the Arts Students’ Centre as soon as possible.

It might be possible to enrol late in courses after the deadline provided approval from your School is granted. Late enrolments incur a late enrolment fee

Pulling out of a course after a deadline

The procedure for pulling out of a course after a deadline will depend on your circumstances.

Late deletion

Late Deletion is available to students who are unable to continue with their study because of exceptional circumstances such as illness, injury or events beyond their control. Applications must include independent evidence to verify the circumstances.

Circumstances that would not normally qualify for late deletion are situations that were known at the point of enrolling, were due to personal choice (e.g. financial circumstances, accepting a job offer), GPA concerns, or a reduction in workload requested in the last fortnight of lectures.

If your application is approved, the course will be deleted from your record and you may receive a partial refund of fees. Please notify your Graduate Adviser and the Arts Students' Centre as soon as possible.


If you need to pull out of a course and you are not eligible for Late Deletion, you will need to withdraw from the course by visiting the Arts Students’ Centre and complete an AS-70 Course Alteration Form.You must do so within the deadlines .

Withdrawals remain on your academic record as a “W” grade and is treated as a fail and counted as zero towards your GPA. You will remain liable for tuition fees.

More information on late enrolment and withdrawal

Full-year courses

Full-year courses have "A and B" attached to their course codes.

"A" indicates the first half of the course, usually taught in Semester One. "B" indicates the second half of the course, usually taught in Semester Two. You must enrol in both "A" and "B" and take the course as a full-year course.

Some courses may be taken over either a full-year or a single semester. If you are taking the course as a single semester course, do not enrol in the A or B coded version.

Enrolment limits

The University limits how many points you can enrol in.

The maximum permitted is 170 points over an academic year. This may include up to 80 points in each of Semesters One or Two, or 150 points across Semesters One and Two and 30 points in Summer School.

For definitions of full-time and part-time study, see the enrolment and programme regulations.

For student loans and allowances, check criteria with StudyLink or the Arts Students' Centre.

Suspending your studies

Postgraduate study must normally be continuous. If you are unable to study for a semester, you need to apply to suspend your enrolment, using the Application for Senate approval of suspension from enrolment form.

You should apply for suspension immediately, not when you return to study, and you must explain the exceptional circumstances that require a break. You will need to gain support from your Graduate Adviser before you submit your application. Advice and assistance are also available from the Student Academic Advisers at the Arts Students’ Centre.

Your enrolment checklist

To help avoid problems and delays:

  • Provide a current email address that you check regularly, and keep your personal details current on Student Services Online.
  • Supply all verified documents requested by the University promptly and to the correct address.
  • Check that all the courses you want to take will be available, and when, and are in schedule for your programme and plan.
  • Select A and B courses correctly when enrolling on Student Services Online.
  • Make sure you have no timetable clashes.
  • Don’t try to enrol in too many points.

Where to go for help

Arts Students' Centre

The Arts Students' Centre is for current and future students in the Faculty of Arts. We can help you with quick questions or if you need to sit and talk with someone. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out who does. Appointments aren't necessary.

Open: Monday to Friday, 9am-4:30pm (except public holidays, Christmas, and the day after Easter Monday)

Room 418
Social Sciences Building, 10 Symonds Street
Phone: 0800 61 62 63
Email: asc@auckland.ac.nz

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