Career Development and Employability Services

Career Development and Employability Services (CDES) assist current students and graduates (up to three years after graduation) with all aspects of career development.

CDES are connected to employers and recruiters across a broad range of industries and offer workshops to develop your CV and cover letters, career planning, interview, networking and job search skills. They also run informal drop-in sessions and provide individual appointments to discuss your career development and to help you prepare for specific job applications.

CDES provide a valuable and effective service and the Faculty of Arts encourages their students to make the most of their workshops, events and consultants as early as possible in their career planning.

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Where do Arts graduates work?

Our graduates work in fields as diverse as advertising, marketing and communications; archaeology; business development and management; international development and relations; media production; language teaching; local and national government; publications and content writing; and translation and interpreting.

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In preparation for employment and to help you establish professional networks, we offer an internship course that you may be able to take in your final year of a Bachelor of Arts. Not only can you gain credits from this course, but  you can also develop your skills and gain work experience for future employment.

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