Giving back

Support from our alumni and friends help ensure that students have access to a University education that supports and assists them to achieve their academic objectives.

The Faculty of Arts offers a range of opportunities for our students to develop a deeper understanding of culture, language, literature and society in both national and global contexts from the ancient world to the present. They are taught by staff that include some of New Zealand’s leading experts.

While much research is funded by charities, learned and professional societies, as well as by the universities by and research institutes themselves, these contestable dollars are being stretched further each year. We need strong and continuing private support from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations to continue to achieve our academic objectives.

See our current fundraising objectives.

The commitment to academic excellence and the passion that previous scholarship winners have shown exemplify the standards we strive for. Education must remain accessible and affordable to all our students, whatever their economic circumstances. “Academic excellence is the key criteria," says Margaret Allen, Scholarships Manager for the University, “but financial contributions make a big difference to the students and their ability to focus on their studies.”

Please contact us to discuss your interest in maintaining links with your faculty. We would also be delighted if you added your name to our database to receive early notification and invitations to lectures, seminars and social events.

Anne Liddle
Development Manager
Faculty of Arts

Phone: + 64 9 923 2309