We live in an information age. Computers allow us to collect and store information in previously undreamed of quantities.

But raw, undigested data stored on computers are useless until people can make sense of them. Statistics is the art and science of extracting meaning from data, and applies to almost any field. Statisticians design studies, analyse data, make projections and help to make decisions.

Statistics and your career

Some training in statistics can help make you more effective in almost any career. A background in Statistics can lead to careers in banks; insurance, finance or market research companies; manufacturing; private consultancy; crown research institutes and health enterprises; local bodies and government agencies such as the New Zealand Treasury, Statistics New Zealand, AgResearch and MAFTech. Successful statisticians often begin in technical roles and end up in management.

Study options in Statistics

Statistics is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Arts. It is taught by the Department of Statistics within the Faculty of Science.

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