Meet Spanish students and graduates

Current Spanish students and recent graduates tell their own stories.

Marisol Rodriguez Rodriguez

Marisol Rodriguez Rodriguez

Marisol completed a PhD in Spanish.

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Alexander Stone

Alexander Stone

Alexander is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science conjoint degree in Linguistics, Spanish and Psychology.

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Graci Kim

Graci completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Spanish and is currently a diplomat for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Community drug and alcohol facilitator

Richie Hardcore

Richie completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and Spanish and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Spanish and is now a community drug and alcohol facilitator, radio host, television panelist, public speaker, and professional Muay Thai and boxing coach.

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Fergus Woods

Fergus Woods

Fergus completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Linguistics and a minor in Spanish.

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