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Undergraduate study in Psychology

What can you study in Psychology?

Psychology is concerned with aspects of how humans think, feel and behave.

One important area is the brain and how it works. You can try to understand how people respond to everyday and unusual situations, such as work environments, illness and other stressful life events. You can also examine why individuals have different personalities and intelligence levels, and why some people suffer from mental health disorders.

As part of your study of Psychology you will undertake practical work in the laboratory or field.

Psychology could be especially useful combined with Anthropology, Education, Linguistics, Māori Studies, Sociology or Employment Relations and Organisation Studies.


Undergraduate programmes in Psychology

You can study Psychology as:

  • a BA major or minor subject
  • elective courses in the BA.

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The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

Requirements for a BA major and minor

For a single major you must pass at least 135 points, including at least 60 points above Stage II.

For a double major you must pass at least 120 points in each of two majors, including at least 45 points above Stage II in each major.

For a BA minor you must pass at least 90 points, including at least 60 points above Stage I.

University regulations for the Bachelor of Arts

Requirements for a major or minor in Psychology

You must choose your courses from those listed in the BA schedule for Psychology. You must also meet any specific requirements indicated in the schedule.

2015 BA schedule for Psychology

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