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Undergraduate study in Criminology

What can you study in Criminology?

Criminology seeks to understand issues relating to crime, deviance, justice, law, culture and power.

Criminology is not just about crime. It also involves the study of the wider issues that affect punishment and criminal justice, as well as topics such as prisons and corrections, violence and drugs, and crime and popular culture. You will investigate the social, economic, cultural, political and legal determinants of criminality. You'll also examine attempts to control crime both locally and internationally. 

Criminology could be particularly useful combined with Sociology, Anthropology or Political Studies, or as part of a BA/LLB conjoint programme.


Undergraduate programmes in Criminology

You can study Criminology as:

  • a BA major or minor subject
  • elective courses in the BA.

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Planning your major/minor in Criminology

Two of the Stage I courses available for Criminology will give you the background for more specialised study later. 

You would normally take the more specialised, core Criminology courses in your second and third years. You will also choose related courses from History, Philosophy, Political Studies and/or Sociology. You could choose to concentrate on one of these areas.


The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Criminology

Requirements for a BA major and minor

For a single major you must pass at least 135 points, including at least 60 points above Stage II.

For a double major you must pass at least 120 points in each of two majors, including at least 45 points above Stage II in each major.

For a BA minor you must pass at least 90 points, including at least 60 points above Stage I.

University regulations for the Bachelor of Arts.

Requirements for a major or minor in Criminology

You must choose your courses from those listed in the BA schedule for Criminology. You must also meet any specific requirements indicated in the schedule.

2015 BA schedule for Criminology

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