Cook Islands Maori

Cook Islands Maori make up 22% of New Zealand's Pacific population. Most are younger than 20, and 80% live here in Auckland.

However, only 16% of Cook Islanders living in New Zealand say they are able to hold an everyday conversation in Cook Islands Maori. Youth increase and language decline has prompted community and church leaders in Auckland to advocate the teaching and learning Cook Islands Maori. Taking up the challenge, the Faculty of Arts reintroduced the teaching of Cook Islands Maori in 2009.

Cook Islands Maori and your career

Knowledge of a Pacific language could be useful for careers in education, the public service, social services and welfare, business, marketing, journalism, language teaching, interpreting and translation.

Study options in Cook Islands Maori

Cook Islands Maori is available as an additional subject in the BA, and is taught by Pacific Studies in the School of Māori and Pacific Studies.

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