Undergraduate study in Academic English Studies

What can you study in Academic English Studies?

You can choose from courses that will improve your academic English writing, reading, speaking and listening. All Academic English Studies (ACADENG) courses emphasise student participation and interaction.

Undergraduate programmes in Academic English Studies

You can take Academic English Studies (ACADENG) courses as:

  • elective courses in the BA
  • part of a BA major in Academic English Studies and Linguistics

You may be able to include these courses as part of another degree - check with the faculty concerned.

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Academic English Studies and Linguistics

Why is it a good idea to do ACADENG courses?

  1. Because they are practical courses which will help you with your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. They are designed to help you succeed in the other courses you are taking at University.
  2. Because ACADENG courses help you to understand what is expected of you at The University of Auckland. You can learn how to to:
    • Read your course notes or lecture readings faster and more efficiently
    • Write a good quality essay
    • Avoid plagiarism (illegal copying from sources)
    • Understand your lectures better by listening for the main ideas
    • Take simple clear notes when listening in your lectures
    • Improve your pronunciation and feel confident when speaking to a group, either in a tutorial or when giving a presentation to a small group
  3. Because you may be able to credit ACADENG courses towards your degree.
  4. Because students who take an ACADENG course in their final year have said that they wish they had taken ACADENG earlier in their studies.
  5. Because ACADENG courses have a high success rate for students who regularly attend class and complete all the coursework requirements.

Who can take the ACADENG courses?

Any student enrolled at the University of Auckland and who has English as an additional language can take ACADENG courses. Our students include both international students, and New Zealand residents and citizens whose first language is not English.

Check with your faculty student centre to see if you can credit one or more ACADENG courses towards your degree. If you are enrolled in a Faculty of Arts programme, you can contact the Arts Students’ Centre.

How many students are in ACADENG classes?

There are usually a maximum of 25 students, and so classes are small and interactive. You will get to know the other students and the teacher well. All ACADENG teachers are highly-qualified and trained language teachers who know the best ways to help you learn.

Who can I contact for advice?

You can contact the Undergraduate Adviser for Academic English Studies.

Key Contacts for Applied Language Studies and Linguistics.