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PIPSA - Pacific Islands Political Studies Association

The Pacific Islands Political Studies Association (PIPSA) was established in Hawai'i in 1987 at a meeting of Pacific Islands scholars who recognised the need to stimulate and coordinate research and other academic activities to develop our knowledge and understanding of the region. There has been a commitment from the start for PIPSA to serve the countries and peoples of the region by providing political, economic and social analysis of contemporary issues.

PIPSA is now a leading international academic body devoted to the study of the Pacific Islands states and territories; their societies, politics and systems of government, and international relations. While the majority of PIPSA’s members are academics, members also come from the ranks of Aid workers, business people, the clergy, military officers, politicians and public servants.

Previous PIPSA Conferences have been held in Noosa and Melbourne, Australia, the Cook Islands, Guam, Hawaii, Palau, New Zealand and Samoa.

Key contact

PIPSA President:
Steven Ratuva
Pacific Studies

20 Wynyard Street
Phone: +64 9 3737599 ext 88618
Fax: +64 9 373 7420


The Polynesian Society

The Polynesian Society has provided a major forum for discussion of the history, ethnology, biological anthropology, sociology, archaeology and linguistics of Maori and other Pacific Islands people for over a hundred years. It publishes the Journal of the Polynesian Society quarterly and a memoir series.

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Student Memberships

We recommend that Pacific Studies students become members of the Polynesian Society. Student memberships cost $25.00 per year and include a subscription to the Journal of the Polynesian Society. Many of your course readings will be taken from this journal.

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