Postgraduate study and research

Postgraduate students in Sociology explore the nature of the social in local and global contexts.

Postgraduate study opportunities

We offer a full range of postgraduate programmes in Sociology, ranging from the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts to the PhD. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts programmes are also available in Criminology.

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Student research

Our graduate students are currently researching and writing theses on a diverse range of topics, including:

  • the women’s movement in New Zealand
  • the reproduction of inequality
  • fascist aesthetic in late capitalism
  • yoga tourism
  • the music industry
  • an ethnography of a new social justice movement
  • religious and spiritual transformation in Latin America
  • the quality of life found amongst elderly Chinese migrants
  • neoliberalism and the legal profession
  • the piano in Auckland life
  • the social and cultural context of recently infected HIV positive gay men
  • food in New Zealand since the nineteenth century
  • Hawaiian and Māori identity

The diversity of these topics reflects the variety of interests and expertise of the Sociology staff who supervise postgraduate research.

PhD students

You will be supervised by our researchers and have access to a range of resources to assist you in your academic and professional development. These can include graduate teaching assistantships, scholarships and writing stipends, funds to cover direct research costs and access to library and computing facilities.

We look forward to your contribution to the intellectual life and research profile of Sociology.

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