Staff research in Politics and International Relations

We devote equal amounts of time to research and teaching. This ensures that we are engaged in current scholarly discussions and debates and that our teaching is closely informed by the best available research.

Our research expertise includes:

  • International relations
  • Political theory
  • New Zealand politics
  • Comparative politics
  • Public policy

At any given time, we are engaged in a range of research projects which are often funded from external sources such as the Royal Society of New Zealand’s Marsden Fund and the Foundation for Research, Science, and Technology.

Some projects are also funded through research contracts with government and non-government organisations and several staff have developed on-going collaborative relations with researchers in other countries.

Read about ongoing and recently completed staff research projects.

Conflict, Terrorism and Peace group (CTAP)

War, conflict and mass killings are as present today as at almost any time in history. CTAP is a group of researchers that specialise in the study of the causes, dynamics, aftermath and prevention of all types of violent conflict.

CTAP holds open seminars and workshops on conflict-related issues and produces research papers and reports.

Find out more about the Conflict, Terrorism and Peace group.

Staff research interests

  • Dr Maria Armoudian
    Conflict, peace, genocide, media, political psychology, human rights, civil rights, framing.
  • Professor Gerald Chan
    Chinese international relations.
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Curtin
    Policy advocacy and social change (comparative and NZ), feminist politics and gender equality policy (comparative and NZ), women's political representation and leadership, Australian politics, New Zealand politics, US politics in comparative perspective, parliamentary and ministerial careers, political institutional design, and the politics of sport.
  • Dr Thomas Gregory
    Contemporary conflict, the ethics of war, humanitarian intervention, civilian casualties, critical security studies, feminist theories of international relations, poststructuralist thought, emotions and affect, Afghanistan and the Middle East.
  • Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley
    Foreign and security policies of New Zealand; Australia, Asia, the United States, Europe and the Middle East; politics of trade; international human rights institutions.
  • Dr Geoff Kemp
    Politics and media, history of political thought, democratic deliberation, censorship and toleration, revolutions.
  • Associate Professor Anita Lacey
    Postdevelopment debates and poverty reduction, urban development programmes, security and insecurities, feminisms and feminist methodologies, international organisations and governance, ideas and movements of resistance.
  • Dr Julie MacArthur
    Environmental politics and policy, participatory governance, comparative renewable energy policy, social and solidarity economies.
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment
    Political marketing, political leadership, consultation, deliberation, elections.
  • Professor Raymond Miller
    Electoral systems, government formation and execution, political parties, interest groups, political representation and leadership (both New Zealand and comparative).
  • Professor John Morrow
    History of nineteenth-century British and European political thought, with particular interests in idealism, liberalism and political romanticism; international relations in the history of political thought.
  • Dr Stephen Noakes
    Chinese politics and foreign policy, authoritarianism, democratization, NGOs/civil society, comparative post-communism.
  • Dr Katherine Smits
    Contemporary and historical political thought concerning liberalism, multiculturalism, identity politics, nationalism and feminism
  • Professor Martin Wilkinson
    Transplantation and the politics, philosophy and economics of health.
  • Dr Chris Wilson
    Comparative politics, South East Asian politics, intra-state conflict, illiberal democracy, ethnic politics, inter-state war, genocide, humanitarian intervention, conflict prevention, democratisation.
  • Dr Stephen Winter
    Transitional justice, the theory of the state, democratic theory, social justice, historical justice, reparations, social policy, identity politics.

Our research affiliations

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