PhD students

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Kristiann Allen

The future of public science systems: Taking a science-in-society perspective on science system organisation and governance with particular reference to small advanced economies.

Davood Bayat

Women's movement and the social and political events in Middle East: A comparative study between Iran and Egypt.

Mark Boyd

Still following the leader? An analysis of television news coverage of the New Zealand general election campaigns of 2011 and 2014.

Lap Fung Chan

 Hong Kong’s Executive-Legislative Gridlock after the 1997 Handover

Sereyvicheth Chunly


Raghuvir Dass

The Media Framing of Terrorism in the U.S, the U.K, and India.

Yang Du

 The United Nations and Policy Transfer in China: Poverty Reduction in the ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Zheng Fang

Normative global justice theories and transformative INGO discourse.

Celestyna Galicki

The impact of electoral process on turnout.

Samira Ghoreishi

Feminist discourses and social heterogeneity in the Islamic Republic of Iran: The formation of deliberative civil society

Thilak Nandana Hettiarachchi


Oluwakemi Temitope Igiebor

 Gender Equality Policies and Women in Academic Leadership Positions in Nigeria

Wisdom Oghosa Iyekekpolo

 Insurgency Onset and its Variation in Nigeria: A Political Relevance Model

Samuel Alexey Kamaleialohaokeakua N Morales Flores

Institutional and social perspectives on integration:  explaining comparative naturalization rates of former refugees.

H M Latiff K M Haneefa

 The Role of Islam in Shaping Indonesian and Malaysian Foreign Policy towards Israel

Hasith Eranda Kandaudahewa

 Balancing or Bandwagoning? Sri Lankan Foreign Policy towards China and India (2005-2017)

Gay Marie Manalo Francisco The Role of Formal and Informal Institutions in Shaping Major Women Issue Legislation in the Philippines 

Bo (Iris) Li

 NGO-state partnership to address social issues in China

Andrew Yi Ming Lim

Political marketing and nation branding by NZ and Australian advocacy groups to support Israeli and Palestinian governmental public diplomacy.

Suzanne Loughlin

A critical discourse analysis of New Zealand's security policy in Afghanistan

Salma Usman Malik

The impact of online media on political knowledge of the young: identifying problems, potential and solutions.

Agkillah Maniam

Central Forest Spine: A realistic policy for forest administration?

Pia Mckay

Producing the limits of care: structures and practices of empathy and responsibility.

Neil Peter McMillan


Tingting Miao

The institutional barriers to the making of city-to-city (C2C) cooperation in China.

Van Tong Ngo

 Vietnamese views of International Relations: Changes and continuities, 1945-2016

Luke Duane Oldfield

The Politics of Incarceration: Reconsidering incarceration in the pursuit of social and economic benefits: How has public opinion and political realities affected penal policy?

Justin Phillips

Going negative in the era of the Super PAC: examined from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

Nicolas Pirsoul

Subaltern groups in multicultural states: New Zealand and Colombia compared.

Sigit Aris Prasetyo

 Indonesian Foreign Fighters from Past to Present: The Security Risks Posed by Returnees in Home Country. 

Jing Qui


Jason Roberts

Ocean policy: New Zealand diplomatic actions toward achieving its desired outcomes in transboundary solutions and effective international rules.

Azim Shea

Governmentalities of resilience in the Syria crisis.

Narut Supawantanakul

Queer globalisation and intersectionality: Hybrid queer cultures and diversity in Japanese and Thai queer communities.

Fang Xu

Muddy Waters? Understanding the Implementation Gap in China’s Clean Water Policies.

Ido Yahel

When and why do states choose to intervene militarily in another state’s intrastate conflict.

Hend Zaki

Globalization and identity: Muslims in western societies, identity, and Islam in the western context – the case of second and third generation Muslim immigrants in New Zealand and the US.

Yury Andreevich Zhukov

Democratic Deliberation and Policy-Making Practices in Higher Education in New Zealand.