Staff research in Media and Communication

Media and Communication at the University of Auckland is the leading research centre of its kind in New Zealand.

Our research activities are broad and multifaceted with staff working both individually and collaboratively. This research encompasses a variety of substantive areas including:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Popular music
  • Digital media

Research in Media and Communication is also profoundly interdisciplinary, drawing on aspects of art history, literary and cultural studies, history, sociology, politics and economics.

In addition to academic research, we are also a leader in creative forms of work including film and television production and scriptwriting. This is enhanced by our substantial links to major practitioners in the media industries in New Zealand, many of which are based in Auckland.

In addition to generating books, articles and films, the research activities of staff and students have also resulted in them presenting their work at national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, film festivals and other events.

Staff research interests

Professor Annie Goldson

Producing and directing feature documentaries, documentary studies, online documentary, feminist film theory, human rights issues, experimental film and the avant-garde.

Dr Luke Goode
New media, media studies.

Dr Margaret Henley
Sports and media, video/film production, television journalism.

Associate Professor Misha Kavka
Hollywood film, television studies, feminist theory.

Associate Professor Shuchi Kothari
Scriptwriting, production, South Asian popular culture, politics of food.

Associate Professor Sarina Pearson
Pacific moving imagery, film and video production.

Professor Laurence Simmons
Film, television and cultural theory, New Zealand cinema.

Dr Xuelin Zhou
Chinese cinema, film studies.

Dr Nabeel Zuberi
Popular music and audiovisual culture, transnational cultural studies, British and American studies, South Asian film and diaspora media.