Media, Film and Television PhD students




PhD research

In progress Ghazaleh Gol Bakhsh

Writing In-betweeness: Representing Iranian-New Zealanders through screenwriting
In progress Laura Bell The New Normal? New Zealand LGBT parents and the queering of the American televisual family.
In progress Phil Braithwaite 'We Will End in Fire': British Science Fiction Television and Thatcherism
In progress Anca Cernic Exploring New Zealanders' Online Behaviour: Website Revisits versus Serendipitous Browsing in New Zealanders' Leisure Computer Use
In progress Lubna El-Elaimy

Citizen Journalism, Social Media and the Arab Spring: How citizen journalists revolutionized news coverage during the events of the Arab Spring in 2011 in Egypt
In progress Ahmed Ghazal Egyptian Cinema and the 2011 Revolution
In progress Deniz Karahan

Marcuse and the Ideology of Information Technology
In progress Jennifer Kirby Post Plug-In Cinema: Intermediality and Generic Mutation in Contemporary Film
In progress Nickkita Lau Fanvidding of English-language TV shows in the West and China: A comparative study of YouTube and Tuduo
In progress Shimeng Li

Chinese youth sub-culture from the perspective of Chinese Youth Film among Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
In progress Wenwen Li

Standing Inside and Outside: Independent Documentary by North American Chinese
In progress Jeanine Lim The Construction of ‘Singapore’ in Singapore Cinema
In progress Xie Quin (Joe) Lim Permanent Visitor: New Zealand's Gay Asian Migrants, Identity and Mediated Social Exchange
In progress Jake Mahaffy Trauma-State Cinema: Narrative Principles of Dissociative and Traumatic Stress Disorders
In progress Anna Kathrine Majavu

An Africana Critical theory Inquiry into Media Representations of Africans in New Zealand
In progress Lawrence (Larry) May The production and negotiation of emergent narrative in multiplayer video games
In progress Saba  Mehmood TV News, Political Violence and the Social Imaginaries of Teenagers in Pakistan
In progress Shiuan (Clair) Miao

When does she become our (s)hero? National identity, media representation, and sportswomen in ‘masculine’ sports
In progress Susan Nemec Using Māori Television as a case study, is there a relationship between migrants viewing indigenous television and ideas about national identity within the context of a settler/colonial nation.
In progress Shiza Nisar

‘More media gives a rise to more voices' (MacBride 2004): Is the statement justified in the case of Pakistan?
In progress Ian Randall Reporting palaeontology: its relationship with, and representation in, print news media
In progress Ola Hamed Nahar Sawaie

The representation of gender in Egyptian films after the 2011 Egyptian revolution
In progress Canan Ezel Sertkaya

Construction and Presentation of Gender Identity on Social Media
In progress Carmen Spanò Emerging dynamics in audiences' mobile consumption of trans-media products: the cases Game of Thrones and Mad Men as a comparative study between Italy and New Zealand
In progress Laura Stephenson The Edge of Darkness: Psychological Disorder in Contemporary Film
In progress Vimala Subramanian Academic Publishing in the Digital World: the institutional repository as a space for author rights, advancement of learning and expansion of the public domain
In progress Yuyun Surya The Construction of Ethnic Minority Identity In Indonesia on the Internet
In progress Winston Jin Song Teo

New media & Singapore’s millennial generation in civic and political engagment
In progress Norman Zafra

Negotiating transmedia in political documentary: Distributing labour migration narratives across platforms
In progress Shijan Zhao

Rule of Law or Rule of Party, Comparative Mediated Political Scandal in China, Hong Kong and U.S.: Case Study of High-ranking Chinese Officers’ Downfall under Xi’s Regime
2016 Jonathan Albright #hashing it out: Participatory Mediation in Social News Spaces
2016 Xiaojie (Sam) Cao Anxiety of Discourse: Cyberculture and Its Cynical Shift in China 2004-2013
  Janus Currie Tales from a Golden Era: Dissensus and Exclusion in Europe’s Moving Image
  Phoebe Fletcher War and Nationalism in American Splatter Horror Cinema
2014 Anna Jackson Innovation and Change in New Zealand’s documentary production ecology (2010-2013)
  Yong Liu The Aesthetics of Digital Stereoscopic 3D Cinema
  Fraser Mckissack Samurai, Cowboys and the Crisis of Masculinity in Film
  Zarqa Shaheen Gender, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in Media: A Case Study of Pakistani Women
  Mark Stewart Realities of Change: The Changing Nature of Television in the Last Twenty Years
  Jenny Stuemer Facing the Wall: Screening through Alienation and Separation
  John Wei Queer Sinophone Screen Cultures in the Early 21st Century
2014 Paula Ray Activism via Social Networking: A case study of Urban Indian Women Facebook Users 
2014 Yongchun Fu China’s Industrial Response to Hollywood: A Transnational History, 1923-1937
2014 Hang Yin Chinese-language Cyberspace: Overseas Chinese Cyber Nationalism and Migrant Identity
2013 Cassandra Barnett Secret Agents: Perception, Politics and Pleasure in Contemporary New Zealand Media
2013 Margaret Henley A whole new ball game: the symbolic relationship between broadcast media and netball in New Zealand from cinema newsreels to high definition pay television.
2013 Fokko Schulz Audio Production in Change
2013 Jan Sinclair Entertaining facts: what the news media do with expert information about environmental risks
2013 Jani Wilson Whiripapa: Tāniko, Whānau & Kōrero-based Film Analysis
2012 Pansy Duncan Feeling Postmodern: Emotion in Postmodern Film Aesthetics and Theory
2012 Hee Seung (Irene) Lee Transmediation of the Real: A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Film Adaptation of Literary Texts
2012 Felicity Perry Dressing the Self: Young People, Dress and Identity
2012 Susan Potter Queer Timing: The emergence of lesbian representation in early cinema
2012 Kevin Veale Comparing Stories: How Textual Structure Shapes Affective Experience in New Media
2012 Lars Weckbecker Governing Visions of the Real: The NZNFU, Griersonian Documentary and State Publicity
2011 Angela Barnes Ngā Kai Para i te Kahikātoa: Māori filmmaking, Forging a Path
2011 Ruth Lysagh Teanga & Tikanga: A Comparative Study of Māori TV and TG4
2011 Suzanne Woodward Imagining Possibilities: Trans Representations in Mainstream Film
2011 Jige Zhang Media Evolution and Reform Politics in China: A Case of Guangdong
2010 Cherie Lacey To Settle the Settler: Pathologies of Colonialism in New Zealand History Films 1925-2005