Postgraduate study and research

Postgraduate study and research in Media and Communication.

Our Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts programmes embrace diverse theoretical, aesthetic and historical approaches to the related fields of Media and Communication.

Postgraduate courses reflect staff research interests and activities and offer you an up-to-date and stimulating learning experience. Our staff includes researchers and practitioners who are nationally and internationally recognised in their areas of academic and creative expertise.

Our BA(Hons) programme provides academic research training that can be a marketable skill for future careers. It is also good preparation for the independent research some students will subsequently pursue at MA level.

As well as our BA(Hons) and MA students, we have PhD students who research a wide variety of topics in Media and Communication.

Find out more about the postgraduate courses available in Media, Film and Television Studies or Screen Production.

PhD students in Media and Communication

The PhD is an opportunity for high-achieving and self-motivated students to pursue a sustained, independent research project under the supervision of an academic with research expertise in the area. The student meets regularly with his or her supervisor or supervisors to discuss research and writing-in-progress. There are also many opportunities for doctoral students to participate in our lively graduate culture.

The PhD is a supervised research project culminating in a thesis of 80,000-100,000 words. Full-time students complete the PhD programme within 3-4 years.

Current PhD students and thesis topics


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