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  • Still from Shit One Carries by Shuchi Kothari
    Indian Diaspora Aotearoa three ways
    31 October 2017
    Shuchi Kothari explores what it means to be a diasporic Indian in three short films which will be shown at the Auckland Art Gallery on Saturday 12 November.
  • t-kim-dotcom
    Caught in the Web achieves a hat-trick of #1s
    06 September 2017
    Annie Goldson's Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web has rocketed up all the best documentary lists’on iTunes internationally and is featuring well in the ‘All Movie Genres’ stakes.
  • t-kim-dotcom
    Kim Dotcom documentary at NZIFF
    26 July 2017
    Annie Goldson’s documentary about Kim Dotcom will screen at the New Zealand International Film Festival.
  • t-hash-and-sam-neill
    Best self-funded short at the Moas
    13 March 2017
    When Screen Production graduate Hash Perambalam won the Best Self-Funded Short Film award at the Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards she got a selfie with Sam Neill to celebrate.
  • t-kim-dotcom
    Dotcom documentary to screen at SXSW
    06 March 2017
    Professor Annie Goldson's new documentary about Kim Dotcom will premiere at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas next week.


  • Film screening of Kim Dotcom: The most wanted man online (Media and Communication, School of Social Sciences) Event as iCalendar
    18 April 2018, 1pm
    Professor Annie Goldson directs this independent film that chronicles the "largest copyright case" ever: the battle between Dotcom and the US Government and entertainment industry, fought in New Zealand. A Q&A session with Annie Goldson follows the screening.
  • Trump, television, and the "new camp" (Media and Communication, Sociology) Event as iCalendar
    23 March 2018, 1 - 2pm
    Associate Professor Misha Kavka discusses a framework for understanding the way that Trump-as-medium interlaces reality TV and politics by introducing a mode of transgressive presidential behaviour: "new camp".
  • Fighting fascist media (School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication, Sociology) Event as iCalendar
    19 February 2018, 1 - 2pm
    This roundtable discussion will address the growing rise of the alt-right, racism and fascist sentiment and apology globally, in the United States and in Aotearoa, and ask how best to respond.
  • Crime narratives in the age of Trump (School of Social Sciences, School of Humanities, English, Drama and Writing Studies, Media and Communication) Event as iCalendar
    18 May 2017, 4pm
    Associate Professor David Schmid uses the Age of Trump as a lens to examine a series of related issues about what televisual, filmic, and written narratives of crime from a variety of geographical and geopolitical spaces can do, should do, and perhaps are uniquely qualified to do, in a situation where the taken-for-granted ground of liberal democracy is being eroded in front of our eyes.
  • Punk-chic(k) Lit goes global: Vanguard or old guard? (Media and Communication, School of Social Sciences) Event as iCalendar
    06 April 2017, 4:15pm
    Professor Marianne Franklin from Goldsmiths, University of London discusses how first-hand "female rock memoirs" can shed light on the sex-gender, race and class undercurrents in music-making.