Previously completed MA theses in Development Studies


Reconciliation and livelihood in the Solomon Islands.

Alex Bayfield
Supervisor: Dr. Anita Lacey

Examining the power of civil society to negotiate for development assistance from the government and donors: a case of CARE International in Papua New Guinea.

Doreen Iga
Supervisors: Ken Jackson and Mark Busse

Community mobilisation to prevent violence against women in Timor-Leste.

Ayako Ioroi
Supervisor: Dr. Anke Schwittay

Mapuche women and the neoliberal multicultural state in Chile.

Sofia Lanyon
Supervisor: Anke Schwittay

Beekeeping in Uganda: Exploring the Relationship between Apiculture and Land Stewardship.

Wan Lee
Supervisors: Anke Schwittay and Brad Coombes

Exploring the capabilities of local governance in Cambodia.

Sopheary Ou
Supervisors: Dr. Rebecca Miller and Dr. David Craig

Bringing connectivity to all citizens: experiences and challenges in the implementation of the 'Smart Village' orogram in Indonesia.

Wahyu Wijayanto
Supervisor: Anke Schwittay


The relationship between peacebuilding and education: the case of the Palestinian refugees of Lebanon.

Sally Hewlett
Supervisors: Dr Anita Lacey and Dr Maria Rost Rublee

Youth wellbeing in the Seychelles.

Jane Victor
Supervisors: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Cath Conn

Dengue and public private partnerships.

Tim Oh
Co-Supervisor: Dr Jude McCool, Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Jude McCool

Social reproduction and care economics.

Konrad Read
Supervisors: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Kathy Smits

Shell trade between Asia and the Pacific.

Margie Aglid
Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Claudia Bell

New actors in development in the Pacific.

Caroline Rikard-Rees
Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Youth citizenship in South Auckland, Samoa and Tonga.

Tim Baice
Co-Supervisor: Associate Professor Ann Sullivan, Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Associate Professor Ann Sullivan

Disaster and development: vulnerability and rural livelihoods in post-tsunami Samoa.

Eleanor Parkes
Supervisor: Dr. Anke Schwittay

The right to education and the Shavi nation of Peru.

Andrea Harman
Supervisor: Dr. Anke Schwittay

Land acquisition as the predominant factor leading to the failure of Indonesian toll road public-private partnership projects.

Deti Kusmalawati
Supervisor: Dr. Anke Schwittay

Factors that encourage cooperative action in Melaya District, Indonesia.

Richard Barter
Supervisor: Dr. Ken Jackson

Power and quality of primary health care: narratives from rural Bangladesh.

Kamrul Hasan
Supervisor: Dr. Cath Conn

Care and protection in Port Moresby.

Nicky Spicer
Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Caste, gender, religion, and child labour: an Indian case study.

Georgina Langdon-Pole
Supervisor: Dr. Rebecca Miller

Exploring maternal mortality through a rights-based approach: a case study of Timor Leste.

Maya Adlam
Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Gender goes to market: exploring the gendered dynamics of governance in Port Moresby.

Jaclyn Bonnici
Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem

How pro-poor is international trade? A case study of the relationship between rural poverty, international trade, and capacity building in Nicaragu

Ann-Kathrin Pippert
Supervisor: Dr. Anke Schwittay

The right to the city: gender, citizenship and (in)security in Northeast Brazil

Yardena Tankel
Supervisors: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Anita Lacey

An exploration into peasant agency within agrarian reform in the Philippines

Marni Gilbert
Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem


Governing conflict: the Millennium Challenge for development in Southern Philippines

Larry Agpalo
Supervisor: David Craig

Blossoming businesses ­ brighter futures: an explorative case study into private sector led development initiatives in Papua New Guinea

Andre Degenkolb
Supervisor: Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Barefoot patrols: the paradox of post-conflict development and the role of the NZDAF in Solomon Islands

Dwain Hindriksen
Supervisor: Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Learning in social movements: experiences in the Pakeha treaty workers movement

Jennifer Margaret
Supervisors: Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Professor David Williams

Breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty: Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) programmes in Paraguay

Maria del Carmen Perez
Supervisor: Yvonne Underhill-Sem

International civil society responses to complex humanitarian emergencies: contribution or complications in Rwanda

Jenna Phillips
Supervisors: Yvonne Underhill-Semand and Anita Lacey

Participatory budgeting as a 3rd way in water management in Porto Alegre

Friederike Schubert
Supervisors: Brad Coombes and Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Financing for development: the challenges of raising funds for development in the Third Sector in Brazil

Maria Rita Toledo
Supervisor: Brad Coombes and Yvonne Underhill-Sem


Asking questions about the complexity of gender and armed conflict: Resolution 1325, the concept of intersectionality and the case of Solomon Islands

Megan Sarah Birnie
Supervisors: Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Anita Lacey

When global water policy goes local: mainstream versus everyday water governance in Vietnam

Huyen Do Thi Thanh
Supervisors: Dr. David Craig and Assoc. Prof. Ken Jackson

Analysing the impact of human security: the UN intervention in East Timor and the security-development nexus

Leon Gaskin
Supervisors Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Anita Lacey

A historical approach to vulnerability in an ethical minority: the Chinese of Rabaul

Jessica Peterson
Supervisor: Assoc Prof William Smith

Realising women's rights: issues and challenges for international human rights

Fleur Roberts
Supervisors Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr. Anita Lacey

Re-scripting life: the experience of New Zealand-born Tongan 'Youth at Risk' sent to Tonga

Adrian Schoone
Dr. Eve Coxon

Specifying Bangladesh's agricultural trade liberalisation and its impacts

Dayal Talukdar
2008 Supervisor:
Assoc. Prof. Ken Jackson

Peri-urban housing and urbanisations in Port Vila, Vanuatu: players, policy and practise

Kasia Wozniak Mills
Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Ken Jackson and Dr. Nick Lewis


The decentralisation of comprehensive education in Rural Kyrgyzstan, 1991-2006: assumptions and realities

Elvira Bobekova
2007 Supervisor:
Dr. Eve Coxon

Gendered vulnerability and community based disaster management in the Philippines

Amy Louise Knowles
Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr Greg Bankoff

In the midst of plenty: rural Tanzanian food security and maize trade liberalisation.

Christopher Lane
Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Ken Jackson

Turning off the lighthouses: an enquiry into the political ecology of commercial tuna fishing in Papua New Guinea.

Laurentia Bernadette Laracy
Supervisor: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Challenging the consensus: reflections on economic growth, income inequality and infant mortality from the perspective of Jordan and New Zealand.

Sevda Matadova
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Ken Jackson

National migration policies in international labour mobility: the Bangladeshi migrant community in New Zealand.

Carola Reyes Jaramillo
Supervisor: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Gender and pastoral land use in Mongolia: dilemmas of pastoral land tenure.

Undargaa Sandagsuren
Supervisors: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem and
Dr Claudia Bell

Democracy where art thou? Reimagining a politics of possibility through community – school partnerships in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Ritesh Shah
Supervisors Dr Eve Coxon and Dr Nick Lewis.

Participation, local culture and quality education in rural Peru.

Carlos Alberto Tirado Taipe
Supervisor: Dr Eve Coxon.

An hybrid is born: an approach to the cultural economies of Chilean wine in times of globalisation.

Elissa Maria Worner Klug
Supervisors: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem and
Dr Nick Lewis 


Integrated water resources management, an ideal approach? – an institutional analysis of Suva’s water supply.

Mandy E.P Fitchett
Supervisors: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem and
Dr Ward Freisen

Towards a culture of peace?: place, politics, and small arms in rural El Salvador.

Loretta Marie Geuenich
Supervisors: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem and Dr Vivienne Elizabeth

Arranged marriages in India: the universality of human rights from a gender perspective.

Denise Hummel
Supervisor: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem

In the midst of plenty : rural Tanzanian food security and maize trade liberalisation

Chris Lane
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Ken Jackson

Power and young women's sexual agency in Suva.

Roshni Aasha Chettiar Sami
Supervisor: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem.


A recipe for paradise?: gendered tourism in Rarotonga.

Kristin Berger
Supervisor: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem

What about the boys?: young men, HIV/AIDS and the mass media in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Kenny Gould
Supervisors: Dr Yvonne Underhill-Sem and  Dr Glenn Laverack