Postgraduate study and research in Development Studies

Postgraduate study options

Development Studies offers postgraduate programmes with courses available from several disciplinary areas. We also provide an excellent research environment for postgraduate students.

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MA research in Development Studies

MA students are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of research issues in key development fields.


Recently completed MA theses

Teenage pregnancy: a problem? An analysis of the grandmother’s perception of teenage pregnancy over time in Samoa.

Rachel Faluetea
Supervisor: Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Urbanization, social housing and citizenship in Sao Paolo.

Roberta Gomez
Supervisor: Anita Lacey

The right to water: a case study in Samoa.

Measina Meredith
Supervisor: Carmel Williams

Governing Climate Change Response in Laos: an analysis of roles and processes.

Heather Robertson
Supervisor: Anke Schwittay

Sex tourism and child protection in Sri Lanka

Kelly Grovehills
Supervisor: Dr. Anke Schwittay

Exploring Live below the Line as a Public Face of Development

Kate Boocock
Supervisor: Anke Schwittay

The Introduction of Management Information Systems into Indian Microfinance

Lucas Watts
Supervisor: Anke Schwittay

In Quest of Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility- A Case Study Investigating Community Development in a Coal Mining Company in Indonesia

Mardian Marsono
Supervisor: Carmel Williams

Fiji, Women, Democracy and Development

Sanela Smolovic Jones
Supervisor: Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Previously completed MA theses

See our list of previously completed MA thesis topics.