PhD students in Development Studies

You will be supervised by our researchers and have access to a range of resources to assist you in your academic and professional development. These can include graduate teaching assistantships, scholarships and writing stipends, funds to cover direct research costs and access to library and computing facilities.

We look forward to your contribution to the intellectual life and research profile of Development Studies.

Current PhD students in Development Studies

Name PhD research
Ahmed Inaz
Marginalisation of island communities in tourism development in the Maldives
Hazel Villena Antonio Factors of Rice Farmers' Market Participation in the Philippines
Maine Astonitas Seasons of Change: the RSA scheme in Vanuatu and NZ
Natalie Claireaux Human rights and gender implications of mining in the Pacific 
Cathrine Marie Dyer Political Discourse and the Allocation of Rights, Risk and Responsibility for Climate Change in New Zealand.
Jacqueline Fa'amatuainu
Climate Law in the Pacific: the case of Samoa
Sochanny Hak Understanding Gender Relations in Indigenous Peoples’ Responses to Land Exclusions in Northeastern Cambodia
Anna Matevosyan Understanding local environmental governance: the case of wildlife refuges in Taiwan
Sivendra Michael Building Resilience in the Aftermath of Climate Extremes:  A Longitudinal Analysis of Adaptation Strategies in Ba Province (Fiji Islands)
Christina Newport SIDS policy space: climate change and disaster in Cook Islands 
Hestu Prahara Inscriptional Practices and Social Formations of Development in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Dina Viktoria Sinlae Challenges of agriculture-tourism linkages for poverty alleviation in Eastern Indonesia
Arisarawan Tanasinsiri Balanced Trade-Offs? An Analysis of the Impacts of New Zealand’s Dairy Trade Policies on Thailand and Sri Lanka 

PhD graduates in Development Studies

Name PhD research Graduated

Julio Escalante

Belizean Cañeros and King Sugar: Confronting the juggernaut of the EU Sugar Reform


Susan Crabtree

Maternal healthcare in Papua New Guinea: Applying a human rights lens


Akiko Horita

Examining the conceptual frameworks of development effectiveness and aid effectiveness in the context of Cambodia's agricultural sector with a special reference to Japan's official development assistance


Ofa Ki Fungamanono Ketuu

Culture and its impact on economic performances of Tongans


Asif Saeed Khan

Pakistan's food security: A wheat value chain analysis


Tufoua Panapa

Ola lei: Developing healthy communities in Tuvalu


Evelyn Marsters

A transnational syndemic: Cook Islanders and their experiences of TB and diabetes


Faheem Mohammad

Politics of underdevelopment and prospects of a sustainable change in tribal areas of Pakistan


Sheila Siar

The diaspora as knowledge carrier: exploring knowledge transfer through the highly skilled Filipino migrants in New Zealand and Australia


Hilary Tolley

Sector wide approaches from a complexity perspective: Insights for Development from Solomon Islands and Tonga


Nasir Khan

Social justice without dividing: mapping collective social intent within the capabilities space


Rebecca Miller

What is the added value of coordination? An institutional analysis of the United Nations' response to national and regional coordination of human trafficking in the Greater Mekong Subregion


Keisuke Nishikawa

Economic development in Pacific Island states: An analysis of remittances and official aid in Samoa


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