Staff research in Anthropology

Name Ext Email Research Interests
Professor Melinda S. Allen 84645

Archaeology: oceanic prehistory, paleoenvironmental studies, marine zooarchaeology, human ecology.

Dr Heather Battles
87447 A holistic, biocultural approach to understanding the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases in human populations and their impacts, both social and biological.
Associate Professor Greg Booth 88568

Ethnomusicology: Hindi film, music and culture; brass bands and processional music of India; Hindustani classical music (tabla); oral tradition and cognition.

Dr Mark

Social Anthropology: economic anthropology; material culture; visual anthropology; kinship and marriage; Papua New Guinea.

Dr Ethan Cochrane
88571 Archaeology, archaeological method & theory, archaeological science & quantitative approaches, cultural evolution, Fiji & Polynesia, ceramics.
Dr Dureau Christine 88409

Social anthropology, historical ethnography, vernacular Christianity, missionary culture, gender, memory, Melanesia, Western Solomons.

Dr Bruce Floyd 85921

Biological Anthropology: human growth and development; biological variation; bio-ecological perspectives on health.

Dr Phyllis Herda 87111

Social Anthropolgy / women's studies: Polynesia, textiles, oral traditions as history, disease and colonialism, issues of gender, status and power.

Professor Simon Holdaway 83947

Archaeology: Australian, Egyptian, New Zealand archaeology; stone artefact analysis; archaeological theory; GIS.

Professor Geoffrey Irwin

Archaeology: Oceanic and New Zealand archaeology.

Sunhee Koo
Professor Thegn Ladefoged 88569

Archaeology: Oceanic prehistory, socio-political transformation, agricultural intensification GIS.

Associate Professor Judith Littleton

Biological Anthropology: Medical anthropology, human osteology and health, fieldwork in Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Nicholas Malone 88584

I am anthropologist with a broad interest in the social and ecological lives of primates, especially those of apes and humans. Specifically, I seek to understand how the observed patterns of variability within and between taxa are simultaneously shaped by, and act as shaping factors of, evolutionary processes. Additionally, I strive to contribute to primate conservation through a commitment to engaging with local and extra-local efforts. Finally, I wish to situate the study of primates within the broader contexts of anthropology, history, and research ethics. My writing is informed by research experiences in Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Professor Maureen Molloy 87105

Women's Studies: gender, globalisation, nations and nationalism, fashion, history of anthropology.

Professor Julie Park 88589

Social anthropology, anthropology of Aotearoa and settler societies, health, gender, sustainability, research methods.

Professor Peter Sheppard 88572

Archaeology: Melanesia, Solomon Islands, processes of social transformation, geoarchaeology.

Professor Cris Shore 84652

Social Anthropology; Anthropology of Policy; Political Anthropology; Ethnography of Organizations; Elites; Audit Culture; Corruption; The European Union; Anthropology of Europe.

Dr Susanna Trnka

Social anthropology, medical anthropology, the body, citizenship, subjectivity, political violence, collective and personal responsibility for health, the Czech Republic, post-socialist societies.

Dr Kirsten Zemke 88415

Popular music, hip hop, Pacific pop, pop music and power, gender and ethnicity.