Political Ecology of TB in New Zealand, 2002-2006

Academic staff:

Dr Judith Littleton and Associate Professor Julie Park (Anthropology) were the research team leaders, with Associate Professor Robin Kearns (Geography) and Associate Professor Linda Bryder (History) as co-investigators. Dr Heather Worth (UNSW) began as a PI and on her taking up a job at University of New South Wales became a consultant. Dr Hans Dieter-Bader consultants and Dr Ron King worked with us on GIS aspects. Deanna Sanders assisted with data management.

Research students:

Alison Searle completed her MA (Hons) in Anthropology, working with TB and Pakeha people.
Moana Oh’s MA (Hons) was in Political Studies and she worked with Maori.
Roannie Ng Shiu worked with Pacific peoples and completed her MA (Hons) in Geography.
All three were funded through the HRC grant.
Catherine Finn (MA (Hons) in Anthropology) worked on a historical Maori topic and received a BRCSS scholarship.
Jill Miller was associated with the project through her role in the Auckland Regional Public Health Service as well as through her participation in project activities. She completed her Masters in Public Health with a focus on health care professionals and TB.

Three students also completed their PhDs on this project.
Anneka Anderson (Anthropology) worked with three ethnic groups of Asian origin, Jody Lawrence (Geography) with an African refugee group and Debbie Dunsford (History) on a historical study of TB in NZ between 1940 and the mid 1970s. All three were funded through the project, received additional completion scholarships from The University of Auckland, and Jody also was awarded a Bright Futures Scholarship.

In addition to these graduate students, Catherine Finn and Laura McLauchlan, summer scholars funded by the Faculty of Arts, also worked on aspects of this project, particularly carrying out bibliographical research.

Team members met regularly and participated in an on-going interdisciplinary reading / writing groups which were the glue that kept the project together.


Dr Craig Thornley, Dr Cathy Pikholz and Jill Miller (RN) Communicable Diseases, from Auckland Regional Public Health, were key advisors. In addition, community leaders from the various communities with whom we worked provided invaluable advice and support. 


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The University of Auckland staff

Anneka Anderson Department of Anthropology, The University of Auckland

Linda Bryder Department of History, The University of Auckland

Jennifer Hand School of Population Health, The University of Auckland

Robin Kearns School of Geography and Environmental Science, The University of Auckland

Judith Littleton Department of Anthropology, The University of Auckland

Julie Park Department of Anthropology, The University of Auckland

Heather Worth, University of New South Wales (formerly The University of Auckland)



Deborah Dunsford, Catherine Finn, Jody Lawrence, Moana Oh, Roannie Ng Shiu, Alison Searle

Please contact a staff member for the current address of the graduates


Auckland Regional Public Health Service

Ron King, Jill Miller, Cathy Pikholz, Craig Thornley


Colleagues working on other aspects of TB

Ted Baker, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Auckland

Brent Coop, Department of Chemistry, TheUniversity of Auckland


Canadian Collaborators

For more information on Canadian Collaborators, please see Multiplying and Dividing, p. 233-5.

Farmert, McMaster University

Paul Hackett Department of Geography and Planning, University of Saskatchewan

Anne Herring Department of Anthropology, McMaster University

Kue Young Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Jodi Lynn Barta, Kristin Jacklin, Agapi Mavridis, Janet Padiak, Christianne V. Stephens, Melissa Stoops