Current PhD students


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Kasey Emma Allely A socio-natural approach for assessing past human mobility strategies derived from analysis of lithic assemblages at Weipa, Cape York Peninsula, Australia.
Olivia Barnett-Naghshineh Social and Gender relations in the Goroka food market.
Matthew Barrett

Understanding retouch: using computer simulation in a critical assessment of retouched stone tool assemblages
Karolyn Lindsay Buhring Rabanal The Archaeology of Trans-Pacific interactions: Evaluating cultural transmission between South America and Polynesia
Pauline Herbst

Tales of Genetic Imperfection in an Age of Designer Babies. An ethnography of  children diagnosed with MCAD and related disorders.
Kooshna Gupta

Bollywood’s Item Songs: Its History and Contemporary Outlook
Daniel Hernandez Cultural Evolution: Communal Learning, sharing, and exchange.
Beatrice Myrth Hudson Maori Burial Practice: a bioarchaeological study of secondary burial practice and status in koiwi tangata. 
Jane Shepley Jones

Environmental resilience of communities in the Late Neolithic / Early Bronze Age Aegean Cyclades, Greece.
Alexander Finn Jorgensen Intra-site proxemics of archaeologically recorded pre-European open settlement sites in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Sarah Kate Karstens Reconstructing individual life histories through carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis: A case study from Roonka, South Australia.
Gina Patricia McFarlane Identifying critical growth periods using enamel hypoplasia.
Ashley McGarry

Burned human remains: A bioarchaeological approach to disaggregating diverse and complex behaviour surrounding cremation.
Reno Nims Archaeological Ecodynamics of Traditional Maori Fisheries.
Paul Malcolm Robertson Cultural immersion and India – pilgrimage, tourism, short-term mission and development.
Hannah Rossiter

My turn to decide: The trans communities of New Zealand.
Caitlin Bonham Smith Tracing Patterns of Subsistence and Stress in Bahrain: A life-course approach using stable isotopes & stress indicators.
Julie Sera Spray Local Biologies of Childhood Asthma.
Anja Helga Uhlmann Genders, sexualities and same-sex/gender sexualities in the Cook Islands.
Alison Hester Wade The effects of human activity patterns on the diet and ranging behaviour of the Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) in the proposed Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Cameroon.
Orna Weinroth Trending Spirituality among Urban Pakeha Women age 50-70 in New Zealand.
Michelle Williams Teaching, Learning, and Development in Maori and Pacific Island Music and Dance Within the Context of Polyfest.