Staff research in Theology

Staff research

Theology at the University of Auckland has a strong and interdisciplinary research culture. We actively research and publish in our fields of expertise. We are members of a number of national and international professional associations, act on editorial boards for various journals and regularly present papers at the conferences of professional associations. We hold a monthly Theology Research Seminar where staff, visiting speakers, and postgraduate students present their research.

Research affiliations

Theology is developing its broader research culture through the following collaborative projects and affiliations:

  • The Bible and Critical Theory Journal
    From 2016, Dr Caroline Blyth and Dr Robert Myles are managing editors of the international journal The Bible and Critical Theory. The journal explores the intersections between critical theory, understood in the broad sense, and the academic discipline of biblical studies.
  • Sexuality, Ideology and the Bible
    A number of staff and postgraduate students in Theology recently contributed to a book on issues of biblical interpretation, gender and sexuality. This is being co-edited by Dr Robert Myles and Dr Caroline Blyth and will be published by Sheffield Phoenix Press in 2015.
  • Rethinking Biblical Literacy
    Drs Caroline Blyth and Robert Myles recently had chapters published in the volume Rethinking Biblical Literacy (2015) edited by Dr Katie Edwards of the University of Sheffield. The book explores the question of biblical literacy by examining the Bible's use in wider popular culture and society.
  • Reformation Studies
    Nick Thompson has recently joined the editorial board for Reformation and Renaissance Review. He is one of a number of scholars working on the  edition of Martin Bucer’s Opera latina. He has also recently contributed a chapter in Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland.