Staff research in History

History staff

Academic staff in History are active, widely-published researchers known nationally and internationally for their expertise in a variety of historical fields. Since 1980, History staff members have published well over 100 books and many articles and reviews. Current staff include Professor Barry Reay, holder of the Keith Sinclair Chair in History, Professor Linda Bryder and Professor Jonathan Scott.

New Zealand Journal of History

The New Zealand Journal of History is the leading historical journal published in New Zealand and is published twice yearly, in April and October. The NZJH is owned by the University of Auckland and its management board is based in History.

It is currently edited by Professors Barbara Brookes and Tony Ballantyne of the University of Otago.

New Zealand Journal of History

Lectures and seminars

We also host an annual Sinclair lecture to honour an historian of distinction; offer a fortnightly history seminar to provide a forum for local and visiting historians to present new research; and sponsor reading groups in fields such as medical history and Māori history.

Staff research interests




Research Interests

Associate Professor Maartje Abbenhuis


European history, 1815-1919; history of neutrality; history of the Netherlands, especially in the First World War; war and society history; history of international law; history of borderlands and borderlands theory; representations of Nazism in popular culture.

Associate Professor Lisa Bailey  


Christianity in Late Antique Gaul, especially preaching and the laity.

Dr Felicity Barnes  


New Zealand history, especially cultural history, and settler colonial history.

Associate Professor Ruth Barton  


Science and culture in Victorian England, domestic technology and housework, science and technology in New Zealand.

Professor Linda Bryder


Social history of health and medicine in New Zealand and Europe; 20th century New Zealand social and political history.

Dr Sara Buttsworth  



Associate Professor Malcolm Campbell


Australian history, history of migration, Irish history.

Associate Professor Caroline Daley  


New Zealand social and cultural history, with a special focus on the history of gender relations; Australasian history; history of leisure; history of the body.

Dr Lindsay Diggelmann  


Cultural history of Medieval and Early Modern Europe, the Anglo-Norman period (11th-12th centuries), the Crusades, History of Emotions.

Associate Professor Jennifer Frost


Twentieth-century United States history; United States women's history, social movements, and popular culture; History of Hollywood and celebrity culture; African American cultural activism.

Dr Aroha Harris

New Zealand history, Māori culture and society in the post-war era, oral history, race relations history.

Dr Deborah Montgomerie  


New Zealand social and cultural history, New Zealand women's history, war and society history.

Dr Ellen Nakamura  


Japanese social history, history of medicine, women’s history, early modern Japan.

Associate Professor Kim Phillips  


Medieval Europe, especially England, c. 1100-1550, women's and gender history, youth and lifecycle history, history of sexuality and the body, Medieval travel and ethnographic writing, constructions of 'race'.

Professor Barry Reay  


History of sex.

Professor Jonathan Scott  


Early modern European politics, culture, and ideas.

Dr Paul Taillon  


United States labour history, United States social, cultural, and political history, Late 19th and early 20th century United States history.

Dr Joseph Zizek


Cultural history of France in the late 18th century, French Revolution, European cultural history in the 18th and 19th Centuries.