2012 Alice Griffin Shakespeare Fellow: Professor Lorna Hutson

University of Saint Andrews, Scotland


Lorna Hutson is Berry Professor of English Literature at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Her interests are in the rhetorical bases of Renaissance literature, and in the relationship between literary form and the formal aspects of non-literary culture. Recent work includes the delivery of the Oxford Wells Shakespeare Lectures, 2012,on ‘Circumstantial Shakespeare’, the editing of Ben Jonson’s Discoveries (1641) for the Cambridge Complete Works of Ben Jonson (2012) and The Invention of Suspicion: Law and Mimesis in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama (OUP, 2007, pbk 2011), which won the Roland Bainton Prize for Literature in 2008. She has also worked on Ben Jonson, on early modern women's writing, on the history of sexuality, on friendship, and on usury.