Staff research in Classics and Ancient History

Members of our academic staff are known nationally and internationally for their expertise in a wide range of sub-disciplines and fields in languages, history and culture of ancient Mediterranean peoples, from pre-dynastic Egypt to Late Antiquity.

Staff research interests in Classics and Ancient History

Name Email Research Interests
Dr Jeremy Armstrong

Early Rome and Latium; the Roman army; Roman Republican politics; the archaic Italian economy

Associate Professor Lisa Bailey

Christianity in late antiquity and the early middle ages; slavery; popular culture; history of religion

Dr Dougal Blyth

Greek language and literature; ancient philosophy and drama

Emeritus Professor Vivienne Gray

Greek history, Greek language and literature

Dr Jennifer Hellum

Old Kingdom history, Egyptian religion, Egyptian language, historiography of Egyptology, the language of the Pyramid Texts, conceptual metaphor and critical discourse analysis in Egyptian literature

Dr Maxine Lewis

Latin literature, especially Catullus’ poetry; Catullus’ reception; approaches to place, space, geography and landscape in literature; the study of gender and sexuality in Greek and Roman literature and society; literary criticism especially feminist, reception, and intertextuality; women authors

Associate Professor Anne Mackay

Archaic Greek Art, especially Attic black-figure pottery; Early Greek Oral Tradition; Greek Tragedy; Greek Mythology

Professor Tony

Ancient warfare in Egypt and Western Asia; the ancient economy of Egypt; ancient natural science (astronomy and calendrics); interconnections among Ancient Near Eastern Societies (Egypt, Hatti, Mesopotamia, Neo-Assyria and The Levant); Egypt and Kush below Aswan from Dynasty 25 to the Napatan-Meroitic Periods); literary genres of ancient Egypt and The Ancient Egyptian Novel

Professor Matthew
Trundle Ancient Greek history, especially social, economic and military history
Associate Professor Marcus Wilson

Latin language and literature, Roman history