Postgraduate study and research in Classics and Ancient History

We have a lively and intellectually challenging research culture among students from different disciplines with a wide range of skills.

Our graduates

Classics and Ancient History at the University of Auckland has long been connected with the development of important scholars, authors and university teachers in the areas of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Previous postgraduate students have gone on to PhD study, to academic positions in Britain, the USA and New Zealand, and to careers in law, teaching, and business.

Meet some of our students and graduates in Ancient History and Classical Studies.

PhD students

You will be supervised by our researchers and have access to a range of resources to assist you in your academic and professional development. These can include graduate teaching assistantships, scholarships and writing stipends, funds to cover direct research costs and access to library and computing facilities.

We look forward to your contribution to the intellectual life and research profile of Classics and Ancient History.

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Current postgraduate students

PhD students in Classics and Ancient History

Chilcott, Anna

Earle, Benjamin
Aspects of the Ancient Egyptian Books of Breathing: Funerary Texts in the Milieu of the Greco-Roman Period.

Eaton, Iain
Aspects of the Reign of King Den

Eltze, Elizabeth
The Reign of Amannote-erike: Analyses of Identity and Kingship in a key fifth century BC Kushite King.

Petrechko, Nova
Priscillian’s Malefici et Maleficae: Sexual Deviants, Heretics, and Magicians in Fourth Century Law

Rawnsley, Nicola
Observation and physical objects in the Egyptian Logos of Herodotus' Histories.

Rene-Mihajlov, Anneka
Riders of War - Who were the cavalrymen of classical Greece and why did they ride?

Rhodes-Schroder, Aaron

Underwood, Simon

MA students in Classics and Ancient History

Bashford, Lydia
The Presence of Nature in the Fifth Dynasty: Reflections on Political Ideology

Bennett, Sebastian
On the Backs of Administrators: Patterns in the Administrative Families of Dynasty XIII.

Cassidy, James
Roman attitudes and responses to the end of empire in the West.

Chilcott, Anna
Analysis of the Pyramid Texts of the Queens of the Egyptian Sixth Dynasty

Davies, Seth
Euripides’ use of the future tense: construction of ‘future possibilities’

Edwards, Katrina
Ankhtify and his contemporaries: the influence of power-players in Upper Egypt at the outset of Theban expansion in the First Intermediate Period.

Johnston, Paul
The deus ex machina speech in Euripides

Lumsden, Alastair
Third Century BC Military Development in the Western Mediterranean

Main, Joseph
The Egyptian Magician: Freelance Priest, Water-bender and Chastiser of Kings.

Park, Jae Sung
The Underdog Paradox: The Perception of Canines in Latin Literature and Art

Patel, Neha
Women’s religious experiences and practices in the 4th century CE

Penman, Mhairi
Religion and Politics in Visigothic Spain

Rhodes-Schroder, Aaron
Investigation of the pattern of imports of Attic black-gloss pottery into selected Etruscan sites

Torres, Katherine
Mistresses of Magic

Waters, Matthew
Who is Love? A Study of the God Eros in Literature and Art in Greece from Hesiod’s Theogony to Plato’s Symposium