About Classics and Ancient History

Classics and Ancient History explores different aspects of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Our interests range from pre-dynastic Egypt to late antiquity.

Undergraduate study opportunities in Classics and Ancient History

You can study Ancient History, Classical Studies, Greek and Latin. Much of the Western world’s linguistic, literary and cultural heritage developed from the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. You can develop an understanding of the roots of modern thought and intellectual enterprise.

Postgraduate study and research

You can continue your study of the language and literature, history and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world. Classics and Ancient History has a lively postgraduate community at the University of Auckland. We encourage overseas study and research. Over the years we have been involved with the development of important scholars, authors and university teachers in our field.

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Classics and Ancient History staff and research

Our research strengths include Greek and Roman history and historiography, Egyptian history, late antiquity, archaeology, art history, and the intellectual world of Greece and Rome.

Classics and Ancient History publishes Prudentia, a journal dedicated to the thought, history and literature of the ancient world.

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