Recent MA thesis topics in Art History

  • Mary Barker
    Seeing Red: Rembrandt’s ‘The Jewish Bride’ – Subject and Significance
  • Jessica Clair Bell
    A Family Likeness? A Comparison of the Picture Collecting of Queen Marie de Medici of France and her Daughter, Queen Henrietta Maria of England
  • Helen Bell
    Halcyon Days?  Photography and the Nostalgic Revisions of Ben Cauchi, Shigeyuki Kihara and Peter Madden
  • Kate Brettkelly-Chalmers
    Neon Time: Light, Language and Duration in the work of Cerith Wyn Evans
  • Nicole Edwards
    Pursuing the Ontology of Time through the Art of Michal Rovner
  • Natalie C. Poland
    Vols 1 & 2 of Wonderlust: Wonder, Travel, Desire and the Art of Simryn Gill
  • Aneleh Midgley
    ‘Strange Treasures From Many Lands’ – a study of the Grey art collections
  • Margaret Gwendolyn Midgely
    The Art of New Zealand Painter-Printmaker Stanley Palmer (b. 1936) from 1958 to 2006
  • Barry Moffatt
    With His Guiding Hand on My Shoulder: Seeing with John Ruskin
  • Scott Navicky
    Slavery and the Single Perspective
  • Matthew Notton
    Off Register: Representations of Andy Warhol
  • Nina Tonga
    The Shock of the Niu: Generational Perspectives on Migration in the work of Andy Leleisi’uao
  • Chloe Weavers
    Art as Experience: Collaborative and Participatory Practice in Contemporary Pacific Art
  • Guanglei Yang
    Chinese xianfex Art: A critical examination of representative installation works
  • Linda Yang
    Layers of Representation: The Fracture, Experience and Meaning of Peter Greenway's Last Supper