Art History PhD students


PhD research

Maree Clegg Eighteenth Century Restoration of Ancient Marbles: Questions of Authenticity in the Collection of Charles Townley
Jane Davidson-Ladd  Louis John Steele and the construction of a European art tradition in New Zealand
Kyla Mackenzie The art of John Weeks
Elisha Masemann The Inter-digitation of Contemporary Art and the City
Glen Snow Creating the Grounds for Thinking Matter
Rigel Sorzano The Crisis of the Object
Nina Tonga New terrains of Asia-Pacific: Ethic Avatars. The internet as an artistic medium
Linda Tyler Art and science in the work of New Zealand illustrator John Buchanan (1819-1898)
Marine Vallée The construction of French Polynesia through museums and curatorial practices and contexts
Marvin Hao Wu How Museums Address the Challenges of Cultural Tourism: a Comparison between New Zealand and China