Postgraduate study and research in Art History

Postgraduate study in Art History will help deepen your understanding of the discipline as well as develop your research skills.

Postgraduate study opportunities

We offer a full range of postgraduate programmes in Art History, ranging from the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts through to the PhD.

You will be able to work with academic staff who are specialists in a wide range of fields, and who have experience as researchers, writers and curators.

Postgraduate study can develop your critical thinking in the arts, which can assist in a career as a curator, critic, consultant, academic or researcher.

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Foreign language study for postgraduate study in Art History

To write a thesis and conduct original research in historical European art, we highly recommend a basic knowledge of either Italian, French, German or Spanish, depending on your topic. Courses in Māori and Pacific Island languages would also be useful for postgraduate work in those areas.

PhD students

We welcome enquiries from New Zealand and international students who wish to undertake doctoral research.

You will be supervised by our researchers and have access to a range of resources to assist you in your academic and professional development. These can include graduate teaching assistantships, scholarships and writing stipends, funds to cover direct research costs and access to library and computing facilities.

We look forward to your contribution to the intellectual life and research profile of the department.

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