About Art History

We offer New Zealand’s largest programme of art history and theory.

Study opportunities in Art History

Study and research opportunities in Art History range from the Bachelor of Arts through to PhD. You can take courses on historical European and American arts, the arts of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific, and modern and contemporary art. You can study the events, ideas and theories that informed the making of these arts and the ways they were interpreted.

To support your study, our Art History Image Database gives you access to more than 30,000 images.

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Art History staff research

Our research strengths include cross-cultural representation, Māori and Pacific arts and visual culture, public art, art of the early modern period, contemporary art and theory, and museums. We are interested in painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, design, architecture, photography, film and video art, illustration and cartoons, digital art and culture and the study of social media.

Many classes and research seminars are held at the Auckland Art Gallery and the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Current and permanent collections frequently form the basis for our research, collaboration and study. Most of the leading private galleries dealing in contemporary art are also nearby and enjoy close ties with our students.

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Our graduates

Graduates from Art History are pursuing distinguished careers in New Zealand and overseas, with many working as curators.

Art History graduates