Recent masters dissertation topics in Translation Studies

'The Influence of Cross-cultural Factors on Interpreters’ Roles in the Medical Setting in New Zealand: Revisiting the Code of Ethics (AUSIT) from a Chinese Perspective' - Yi Liang

'Exploring the Concept of Fidelity in Official English-Chinese Movie Title Translation under Skopostheorie' - Zhang Sun

'Translation of Vulgarism in Film in light of Nida’s Dynamic Equivalence Theory: A Case Study of the American Comedy Ted' - Angel Chou

'A Derbyshire Gamekeeper from Rural China: The Translation Strategies for Code-switching in Lady Chatterley’s Lover' - Haiping Nui

'On Chinese-English Translation of Public Signs from the Perspective of Functionalist Theories' - Qinming Tian

'News Translation under Government Censorship' - Juechen Shao

'The Translation Action and Quality – A Case Study of the Chinese Translation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' - Jing Fu

'Translating Humour in Subtitle Translation as seen in the Case of Big Bang Theory' - Ruwei Zhang

'The End Justified the Means: Self-translation Strategies in Eileen Chang’s The Golden Cangue' - Jasmine Luo

'Application of a Concept System and Translation Strategies – With Reference to Hang Gliding' - John Burton

'How News Translation in New Zealand Chinese Media Has Influenced the Chinese Ethnic Group’s Integration into the Host Society' - Lu Zheng

'Translation Industry and Translation Training in Japan' - Yutaka Kato

'The Evaluation of Certification System for Translators in China: From a Perspective of Market Demand' - Yishan Wang

'Translate the Untranslatable  - The Analysis of Humour Translation in Subtitling' - Yanning Zhang

'Translation Strategies for Bilateral Agreement Translation: A Case Study of NZ – China FTA' - Heida Donegan

'Never Mind the Bollocks!’ – Exploring the Vulgarism Translation of an American Film, The Town, from English to Chinese under Nida’s Equivalence Approach' - Anna Guo

'The Application of Translation Strategies in Feudal China (1896 – 1916) in the Light of the Rewriting Concept under the Cultural Turn: A Case Study of the Chinese Versions of Sherlock Holmes' - Kylie Ke

'Strategies for Maintaining Cultural Identity in Subtitle Translation in the Globalization Era: A Case Study of Ang Lee’s Pushing Hands' - I-Tser Nieh

'Issues of Legal Translation in Comparative Legal Systems: A Critical Analysis of the Approaches and Strategies' - Seng-Yu Tsai

'Practical Issues of Accuracy in Court Interpreting' - Ming Chang

'On Translation of Idioms in the Light of Skopostheorie: A Case Study of the Two English Versions of Hong Lou Meng' -  Zhaolong Yang

'The Importance of Comparison Strategy in the Study of Translation between Chinese and English' - Siyi Yang

'Translation Incompetence Led to Mistranslations: In Search for the Translation Competence through Mistranslation Analysis' - Ji Hyun Lee