Staff research in Spanish

Staff in Spanish have research strengths in early modern, colonial and modern eras; national and subaltern identities; critical theory on language; literature; culture; translation and linguistics.

Spanish staff research interests

  • Professor Christine Arkinstall
    Modern Spanish literature and cultural studies, nationhood, feminist studies.
  • Jose Colmeiro
    Spanish literature and cultural studies, Galician studies, detective fiction, film studies.
  • Dr Kathryn Lehman
    Latin American cultural studies, nineteenth-century historical fiction, subaltern and indigenous media.
  • Dr Eduardo Pineros
    General Hispanic linguistics, Spanish phonetics, phonology, morphology and dialectology, comparative Romance linguistics.
  • Associate Professor Walescka Pino-Ojeda
    Critical theory; Latin American literature and cultural studies, particularly popular culture in music and film; trauma studies.
  • Dr Wendy-Llyn Zaza
    Contemporary Spanish literature, Catalan cultural studies, translation studies.

New Zealand Centre for Latin American Studies

We also host a research centre specialising in Latin America.

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