Faculty of Arts - School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics

Italian cultural links

Society Dante Alighieri

We are proud to have strong connections with the local Dante Alighieri Society which promotes Italian language through cultural and social events.

We encourage you to join the Society and partake in its social and cultural activities which include:

  • lectures
  • concerts
  • festivals
  • dinners
  • balls
  • family gatherings.

On the third Sunday of each month the Society also runs 'La Domenica Italiana' an informal social gathering which offers you a way of practising your Italian in an Italian environment.

For more information, visit the Dante Alighieri Society website.

Didattica dell'ITALiano a Stranieri (DITALS)

DITALS is a Research and Service Centre based at the University For Foreigners of Siena that organises the necessary activities to issue Certificates of Competence for the Teaching of Italian to Foreigners.

DITALS certificates are qualifications that are recognized by many institutions in both Italy and internationally, including the Italian Ministry of Education.

The University of Auckland is proud to be one of the places where prospective teachers of Italian to foreigners can take the exams to obtain a DITALS certificate.

For more information, visit the DITALS website.