Resources for students in German

German Research Library

The German Research Library is situated in Room 715 in Arts 1. If you wish to use the library, please see the School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics office for the key.

Subject Librarian

The Subject Librarian for European Languages and Literature offers the following services to graduate students and staff:

  • course-related seminars on relevant  library services and resources
  • one-to-one training in managing citations and bibliographies in your work
  • individual consultations to assist you with the identification and effective use of resources relevant to your course and research work.

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Seminars, societies and cultural groups

Auckland Goethe Society

The Auckland Goethe Society is an independent organisation promoting German culture and German studies. All students of German are cordially invited to participate in the activities of the Goethe Society and attend its frequent meetings. These meetings, which offer you an opportunity to meet native speakers of German, include social occasions, talks in either German or English and film screenings.

Auckland Goethe Society website.  

German Drama Company

For over 50 years, this student-run theatre company has been presenting annual shows in the German language, offering students a great opportunity to test their language skills and enjoy a night out at the theatre!

In recent years, students of German have produced and directed as well as acted in:

  • Der wahre Jakob by Frank Arnold and Ernst Bach (18-22 August 2015)
  • Das Haus in Monetevideo by Kurt Goetz (2014)
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt's tragicomedy Der Besuch der alten Dame (2013)
  • Currywurst mit Pommes by Frank Pinkus and Nick Walsh (2012)
  • Nick Whitby's Sein oder Nichtsein (2011)
  • Ödön von Horváth's Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald (2010)
  • Max Frisch's 1953 comedy Don Juan: oder die Liebe zur Geometrie (2009)
  • Wilfried Schroeder's stage adaptation of Heinrich Spoerl's Die Feuerzangenbowle (2008)
  • Ina Nicolai's Der Besuch aus Büsum (2007)
  • Erich Kästner's Das fliegende Klassenzimmer (2006)
  • Max Frisch's Biografie: Ein Spiel (2005)
  • Martin Walser's translation of E. Albee's Die Ziege oder wer ist Sylvia (2004)
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt's Romulus der Große (2003)
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt's Die Physiker (2002)
  • Rainer Hachfeld's Eins auf die Fresse (2001)
  • Schnitzler's Reigen (2000)