Recent PhD thesis topics in German

These recently completed PhD theses illustrate the breadth of postgraduate research in German.




2017 Kasia Cook   Sauerkraut and Salt Water: The German-Tongan Diaspora Since 1932
2016 Christopher Sommer The Representation of Immigration in a Museum Context in New Zealand
2013 Alexandra Jespersen "The seventies meet the twenties": Charlotte Wolff as writer, public figure and "period piece"
2011 Graeme Horne Germany and Yugoslavia: the Balkan refugee crisis in its historical context: with a special focus on refugees in Berlin
2008 Stuart Vogel The Translation and Transference of Concepts and Ideas between China and the West: Lessons from the English Presbyterian Mission in Taiwan 1865-1934
2006 Oliver Harrison The paradise of the Southern Hemisphere': the perception of New Zealand and the Māori in written accounts of German-speaking explorers and travellers, 1839-1889
2007 Sascha Nolden The letters of Ferdinand von Hochstetter to Julius von Haast: an annotated scholarly edition
2005 Stephan Resch Provoziertes Schreiben. Drogen in der deutschsprachigen Literatur seit 1945
2002 Ivan Poljaković Flucht und Vertreibung in der donauschwäbischen Literatur der Nachkriegszeit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Werks von Johannes Weidenheim