Recent PhD thesis topics in French

These recently completed PhD theses illustrate the breadth of research opportunities available to PhD students in French.





  Sidney Smith Whose sexuality? Influences on the representation of sexuality in some contemporary Moroccan fiction written in French. Dr Trudy Agar and Professor Jean-Jacques Courtine


Ian Fookes

Victor Segalen : l’exotism, l’altérité et la transcendance

Dr Trudy Agar and Professor Christian Doumet (Université Paris 8)


Ellen Carter

Inside job? How cultural outsiders write and read ethno-crime fiction

Dr Deborah Walker


Emma Sinclair

From Kanak Oral Tradition to Kanak Literature. "Sentiers et passages : les traditions orales et la construction de l'identité sociale dans la littérature orale et écrite de la Nouvelle-Calédonie contemporaine"

Professor Raylene Ramsay, Professor Cris Shore and Professor Dominique Jouve (Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie)


Ashwinee Pendharkar

Changing French perceptions of India: A Study of French Reception of Post-Colonial Indian Literature

Professor Raylene Ramsay and Associate Professor Mike Hanne


Ruth Diver

Enfance et déracinement : Nathalie Sarraute, Romain Gary (Childhood Cultural Displacement and Creativity: Nathalie Sarraute, Romain Gary)

Professor Raylene Ramsay, Associate Professor Mike Hanne, and Pierre Bayard (Professeur, Université Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint Denis)


Stéphanie Vigier

La Fiction face au passé : Histoire, mémoire et espace-temps dans la fiction littérature océanienne contemporaine

Professor Raylene Ramsay and Professor Paul de Deckker (Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie)


Lynette Wrigley

Self-destruction or Fulfilment: avatars of anorexic asceticism in French Literature from the 19th to the 21st Centuries

Professor Raylene Ramsay and Professor Rosemary Lloyd


Heath Lees

Mallarme. Music. Wagner.

Professor Raylene Ramsay and Professor Rosemary Lloyd


Trudy Agar

La notion de contreviolence créative dans l'autobiographie postcoloniale franco-algérienne

Professor Raylene Ramsay and Professor Charles Bonn (Paris XIII)


Karin Speedy

Cross-Cultural Communication in a Postmodern Business Environment: The Role of French Language and Culture in New Zealand-French Business Relations

Professor Raylene Ramsay and Professor Nigel Haworth (International Business)



Catherine Burnet

19th Century Women's Diary Writing: Geneviève Bréton

Professor Raylene Ramsay


Deborah Walker

Self-Reflexivity and the Construction of Subjectivity in French Cinema

Professor Raylene Ramsay and Professor Marie-Claire. Ropars (Paris 8)